Hey remember when Bernie Sanders said women fantasize about rape?

Hey remember when Hillary Clinton defended a rapist?


What’s that “rape culture” you guys said you were against?

for anyone who sees this, some clarification

sanders’ quote is from a satirical 1972 essay he wrote that examined sexual dynamics between men and women, and he used such extreme language (he also said men prefer tied up women) to help more clearly draw contrasts between male and female sexuality

and “defended” here means “was legally obliged to defend her client in a court of law because that’s her duty as a public defender” even though she did request to be taken off that case in particular way back in 1975

although I know a fair portion of tumblr has already written off Hillary due to, y’know, doing her job and it’s only a matter of time before sanders’ essay gets passed around and taken out of context too

regardless I’d bet that sanders and Clinton have much more pro-women voting stances than literally any of the 18 republican candidates (trump and Carson notwithstanding) despite these out-of-context instances that occurred 40 years ago

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