Cats Who Just Realized You Took Them To The Vet


omg the second last one!!




so we have a conversational safeword in my group of friends and it’s great, idk why more people don’t do this. whenever someone wants a subject to be dropped immediately no questions asked we just say “spleen” and we stop immediately and it’s a really good way to avoid crossing the line between teasing friends and genuinely upsetting them by accident, or stopping debates from turning into actual arguments

Wait but no this is actually a brilliant idea. 

When I was a little baby high school student, I used to do the Living Chessboard at our local Renaissance Faire. We always used “forsooth” to indicate if someone was actually injured and needed to quickly end a choreographed fight. It was also very useful when doing little street improvisations because if someone tried to stop you, you could say “forsooth good sir, I must leave.” and they knew you couldn’t do a scene right then. We all used it in real life too, to say “no really” and it was amazing because there was a word used in a casual setting that meant “I’m not playing, I need you do listen to me.” So if someone tried to pick me up or tickle me, I could say “forsooth stop.” And I was instantly obeyed. I had “forsooth” long before I learned what a safeword was, and having a non-sexual safeword for everyday use amongst a circle of friends was the best thing ever. It made me feel very safe and listened to, even as a tiny 14 year old. Because let’s be honest, 14 year old me was teeny tiny and adorable and it’s easy to coo at kids when they say “no don’t pick me up!” but to have a word that every single person respected to mean “whatever I say after this MUST be listened to” was amazing. It gave me a definitive voice when it would have been easy to dismiss me.

So basically having platonic safewords is awesome and I’m all for it.



courfeyrac and enjolras holding hands is the most pure 


eponine and gavroche finding a puppy and are unable to take care of it at their home so they give it to montparnasse

montparnasse going out to buy the puppy a bunch of toys and a big fluffy bed

montparnasse taking naps with the puppy in its bed

montparnasse carrying the puppy in his jacket where ever he goes

montparnasse calling the puppy his little fluff ball of crime


Courfeyrac, how dapper you are today! Today, and every day.

I may or may not have gotten a little overenthusiastic with the white gel pen.






Hardest part of fic-reading: trying to figure out nice comments to say that don’t end up with me just repeatedly flailing at the keyboard going “I LIKED THIS I LOVED THIS WAAAAAAAH”

This is why I rarely leave comments :O I feel bad about it but I don’t know what to say that isn’t repetitive or just “aasdfsdg”

Same here.

I’m actually pretty bad at leaving substantive comments unless I’ve finished a series or read quite a bit of it.

And art? Ha, no, because I feel weird about leaving the same types of compliments

As an author, flailing around is totally fine and in fact encouraged because the mental image of someone getting excited because of my work will stick with me for days.

Just copypasting some bit that made you flail, with no added comment but a keysmash or emoji, is also delightful.






The Defibrillator Toaster

My mom would be so annoyed… every morning I would run into the kitchen screaming “WE’RE LOSING THEM!!! BEEP BEEP BEEPBEEPBEEP!”


He’s bread, Jim.

Time of deliciousness: 7:15 A.M

If we don’t restart his heart , he’s toast! 



“Daddy’s in a butter place now, kids.”




To pay my respects, Ill be sure to place a flour on his grave.

Hold up, I’ll be at the funeral in a Jif.

Do you have any Courfeyrac headcanons? I’m nervous about something, I need his cheerful attitude


feel like Courfeyrac would smile to absolutely everybody? Because a
smile goes a long way sometimes.

also always make it a point to compliment cashiers, waiters and
retail workers because they have long hours, rude customers and a
terrible salary at the end of the day. So anything he can do to make
life a little bit easier for them, he does. Courfeyrac will
compliment the cashier about their new haircut because “Oh, I’ve
never seen your ears before, they’re lovely!”, he will put the
clothes he’s not taking himself, because he knows that is frustrating
and takes time, he will always tip and leave a little handwritten
message on the bill for the waiter.

everybody thinks he’s flirting, but he’s just being what he deems to
be a decent human being


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but like who started the idea that fanfiction writers are somehow bothered by enthusiasm for their work???? cause i see posts all the time like “do writers really want to talk with us about their fics? Do writers really want long comments? I dont want to bother them” and i just think its absolutely ridiculous????

ofc i want to talk to you about it, and would love to hear you go on about it. i took time out of my real life to write this stuff down so we could all share these characters!!! the idea that you’re bothering a fanfiction writer, a fellow nerd, is absolutely crazy

Wait, do people really think this?? Who are these crazy people? I want, like, thousands of comments. Nothing would make me happier.

People, if you like a particular fanfic – if you like fanfic in general – fucking leave a goddamn comment saying so. Writers don’t do this shit for money; we do it to show the ideas we’ve got and the things we love and the way we see the world (we also do it so we can write about two characters boning BUT THAT IS ALSO VALID). It’s not just that leaving a comment makes us feel good, it’s that not leaving a comment is basically your way of saying “nah, this wasn’t good enough to bother.”

Now, I completely understand how people might not mean it that way, but the fact is that if you read something on AO3 or fanfiction.net or wherever and you nope the fuck out of it because it’s Not Your Thing or you just honestly think it’s terrible, chances are you’re not going to leave a comment saying so – you’re not going to leave a comment at all. So silence becomes the writer’s indication that something about the story is wrong, or unlikable, or just unpopular. A lack of comments/kudos/whatever becomes its own red flag to a writer (ESPECIALLY NEW WRITERS, JESUS CHRIST), and they start to think “nobody liked this, because if they did, they would have said something.” You lose writers by not commenting on things you like, because writers aren’t mind-readers and they have no idea that you emailed your BFF a link to their story and stayed up until 2 am talking to her about how great it was. Not unless you leave a comment.

In part we’ve got our new fandom homes to blame: Tumblr and AO3 are great places, but one is incredibly fic-unfriendly and the other is considered purely as a fic resource, never as a place to start discussion or meta. Plus its incredibly handy download feature basically guarantees that no one reading your stuff on mobile is going to leave feedback, because it’s a pain in the butt. However, these really aren’t very good excuses in my book. 

I see it as a kind of farmer’s market, where the people manning each booth are happy to let you try stuff; if you don’t like it, you don’t need to buy, and you can move on. But if you’re scarfing down every sample you see and you don’t buy anything? They’ll let you do it, but they’re going to think you’re an asshole. And they’re right.

Basically, I have to put on my Emily Post pince-nezs and say if y’all don’t comment on fics you like, you are being rude as hell.

So, I get that some people don’t like to comment because they think they’ll fuck it up.

But there is no way to fuck up “I loved it!” Honestly. Saying what you liked about the story, picking out one or two things that hit you in the feels? ALWAYS RIGHT.

To some degree, I agree with leupagus when ze says that writers think, “well, nobody liked this because if they did they would have said something”. I think that all the time, and I have friends who I know read my fic and comment, and fans who tell me that my fic is great – some of them repeatedly, saying the same things over and over. (Thanks, guys; you really do keep me writing.)

If you love something set it free.

If you liked reading a fic, leave a comment.

Also: some of the best friends I’ve made in fandom have come from a) people who left comments on my fic who I then, b) struck up a discussion with. Admittedly much of this was back on LiveJournal, allowing people to interact with each other and connect with each other, like a discussion with a complete stranger who just complimented you on your shoes.

But seriously: we are writers. We love words. WE LOVE WORDS. Use your words in comments (positive words, not criticism, unless it’s been asked for) and I can practically guarantee that we will adore it, and you.

(Also: as a famous blogger once said to a group I was in, We notice who comments, who likes our stuff, who comes back for more; just because we’re not directly addressing you doesn’t mean we don’t notice.

We notice.)


I will keep reblogging these posts until they fucking catch on like every other cause that tumblr’s passionate about. Christ on a Cracker.