“He has a strong impact,” she says. “He can still make me uncomfortable and comfortable faster than anyone I know or don’t know.” They also found time to relax. “Adorable is not a word you would associate with Harrison,” says Fisher, “but after a few beers, he’s the most adorable person in the world.” (x)


Angsty feuilly head canon that he was dropped off at an orphanage at a young age and grows up kind of thinking he’s not really worth anything and that it was his fault his parents didn’t love him enough to keep him. He meets the Amis and he’s really distant and doesn’t want to get to close cause what if they don’t like him, what if they abandon them? Eventually he and R become emotionally stunted bros and help each other out


ngl feuilly and grantaire as ‘emotionally stunted bros’ who help each other out and eventually get a lot less emotionally stunted as they get closer to each other and the others is one of my favourite tropes-who-is-actually-to-rare-too-be-considered-a-fandom-trope!

they have coffee dates, but mostly it’s just them sitting around in one of their apartments, drinking a pot of cheap coffee at midnight, listening to music (their musical tastes are surprisingly similar?) and doodleing in Grantaire’s old sketchbooks, not really talking but still enjoying each other’s company.