I just finished reading Re-Entry and honestly it’s amazing. It’s probably the best Star Wars story I’ve read and you’re an amazing writer. Do you have any idea when then next part will be up?


No idea yet–April has been a weird fuckin’ month guys–but I thought I’d toss up a snippet to prove that yes, there IS a next RE chapter coming down the pile:

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Introverts: when someone tells us we’ve had a whole day to recharge after a social event



[Gif of Pippin from Lord of the Rings saying, “We’ve had one, yes.”]




“I know this man… my friends, he’s name’s Inspector Javert!”

#Javert remember that time you did the bare minimum to disguise yourself from a child you actually picked up and stared at in the face #yeah how’d that work out for you buddy 


Asexuality is not some exceptionally rare, impossible thing.  Even using the common 1% estimate (which many people think is low), that’s 3.2 million Americans.  If you met someone who said “Hey, I’m from Chicago”, you wouldn’t tell them that you didn’t believe them, because people from Chicago are only about 1% of the population.  “You’re really from New York or California.  Statistically, that’s far more likely.“  That would be ridiculous.