Bahorel and Prouvaire for the ship meme?:D (canon era?)

Canon era, huh?  Oh gosh.  I never feel quite smart enough to talk about them in canon era, because I feel like there are so many Romantic things that I don’t know about?  BUT I WILL GIVE IT A GO.  ^_^

  • How do much do I ship it?: Never heard of it/ Notp / Dislike / used to ship / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / IS IT CANON YET?
  • What non sexual activities do they like to do together?

I imagine they see a lot of theatre.  And visit all the best salons in Paris – not necessarily the most fashionable, but the ones with the best wine, the best company, and the crowd most likely to explode into poetry or revolutionary fervor (and depending on the mind-altering substance of the night, that could really go either way).

  • Who does chores around the house?

Bahorel.  Prouvaire has a bit of trouble pulling his head out of the ether and into practical pursuits.  ^_^

  • Who’s the better cook?

…neither.  Fortunately, Bahorel knows all the best places to go in Paris including all the best places to get yourself fed without risking poisoning yourself or burning your rooms down.  (…don’t ask.  Really.  The curtains haven’t smelled the same since.  O_o;;;)

  • Who’s the funniest drunk?

Probably Prouvaire, but not because he’s actually funny.  Prouvaire normally is a bit maudlin and leans heavily towards the Romantic, but Prouvaire drunk is… maudlin about the most innocuous things; things that are decidedly UN-Romantic.  For example, he’ll wax poetic for hours about dandelion fluff and how it resembles a kitten’s tail, and treat the topic with the seriousness devoted to talk of death.  Bahorel finds it adorable and refuses to let anyone tease him for it.

  • Do they have kids?

Well… if we’re in CANON…  TT^TT


Then, YES.  They absolutely have kids.  And grandkids.  And great-grandkids.  They adopt so many orphans and Bahorel, especially, never seems to have fewer than two hanging off him at any given time.  Their home is warm and cozy and filled with light and laughter… and skulls.  And other very bizarre things that it’s really best not to ask Papa Prouvaire about.  Ever.  …because he WILL answer you.  And you probably don’t want to know.  O_o;;;

  • Do they have any traditions?

Prouvaire’s birthday celebration is always held in a graveyard.  He once idly commented that he feels closest to life when among the dead and Bahorel brought him there for a picnic on his birthday one year and the tradition stuck.

  • What do they fight about?

Mostly inconsequential things, like what color curtains to purchase and what to eat for dinner.  When it comes to the big things they tend to be pretty well in sync.  But they both have hot tempers and will explode at a moment’s notice when it’s called for – though Prouvaire has a much longer fuse and it takes longer to set him off.  They both cool off as quickly as they explode, though, so they’ve usually cleared the air within an hour of whatever started the fight to begin with.

  • What would they do if they found their paring tag on tumblr? (If they have one)

Oh gosh.  Assuming such a thing were possible in 19th century France, they would have a BLAST.  They’d make a secret ship blog and contribute SO MANY HEADCANONS AND SO MUCH FIC AND PHOTOSETS AND EVERYTHING THEY COULD.  They’d think it was hilarious.  XD

  • Who cried at the end of Marley and me?

Oh, really.  Like that’s even a question?  Both of them.

  • Who always wins at Mario kart?

Generally speaking, Bahorel, because Prouvaire just isn’t that competitive normally? But every now and then, Prouvaire gets this light in his eye and it is ON.  And when that happens?  Pfft.  Bahorel doesn’t stand a chance!  ;D

  • One thing I like about this ship?

I like how on the surface they’re polar opposites, but at the core they have so much in common.  I love how those opposites make them such a good and supportive pairing.  I think they’d take very good care of each other and deal really well with each other’s eccentricities.  ^_^

  • One thing I don’t like about the ship?


  • The song I would say fits them?

…oh I’m terrible at those kinds of questions.  I honestly have no idea.  O_o;;;

  • Another headcanon about the paring? (Free space)

Since I still have that whole prompt of headcanon to write for you, I’m going to wait on this one (also I have to run if I’m going to make it to yoga on time.)  So, to be continued…?  ^_^


headcanons for jehan?


Didn’t Crowley wake up in ‘32…? 

(I love the idea of him bopping around and enjoying the Romantic weirdness. He WOULD.) 

Yes!  Yes, he did!  *digs up kindle edition*


  • Bahorel was the one who introduced him to the rest of Les Amis. They met in a cemetery, Jehan contemplating the mysteries of existence, Bahorel hiding from cops. They ended up discussing theatre and constellations.
  • His fashion (well, more like anti-fashion) choices make him a bit too conspicuous for ‘field work’ so he has to keep around an Enjolras-and-Feuilly approved set for more secretive errands.
  • His knowledge of various languages comes in handy – oh, what pamphlet drafts and what notes, officer, what are you talking about? These are merely my ponderings on religious texts in Hebrew. See? You can read it if you’d like!
  • Talks to his potted plants. (His next door neighbour also does this but apparently he believes threatening them yields the best results. It does, his plants are always lush and beautiful, but Jehan doesn’t have the heart to copy him, so he sticks to kind words. Weird fellow, that neigbour. Always wears sunglasses, even indoors. Jehan approves.)*
  • He’s a straight up Disney prince, he feeds the birds whenever he can – and sometimes gives them midnight flute concerts. His neighbours do NOT approve, except the one with the glasses. He says he should keep it up but maybe do it a bit louder.
  • He’s very much taken with the idea of Love and falls in love with every second woman he meets (or at least he imagines himself to be in love). Thing is, he’s way too timid to actually talk to girls and even if he managed to get together with someone he wouldn’t know how to proceed. He probably wouldn’t really want to.
  • His second favourite person after Bahorel is Combeferre – they’ve gone ghost-hunting together to every single reportedly haunted place in the general vincity of Paris. They also like to discuss linguistics and translation errors in works of literature.
  • He tends to make a mistake of idolising people – painting them as larger than life and putting them on a pedestal, out of his own reach. That’s his constant mistake with women, but he does it with men too, sometimes. Enjolras, for example. It took him catching him in a very vulnerable moment to start to see him as a common mortal human – after that, despite their obvious differences they grew pretty close.
  • He definitely has at least one skull at home. Nobody ever asked how he’s gotten them but they all suspect they didn’t come from a medical collection…
  • He keeps an axlotl. He insist they have the key to immortality. He doesn’t experiment on it or anything, he just keeps it as a pet. (He noticed he’s getting a lot more respect from the neigbour with the glasses since he mentioned this fact to him.)

*In this universe Crowley didn’t sleep through the 19th century.

“EVIL IN GENERAL does not sleep, and therefore doesn’t see why anyone else should. But Crowley liked sleep, it was one of the pleasures of the world. Especially after a heavy meal. He’d slept right through most of the nineteenth century, for example. Not because he needed to, simply because he enjoyed it.*

* Although he did have to get up in 1832 to go to the lavatory.”

Gaiman, Neil; Pratchett, Terry. Good Omens (p. 33). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

So, maybe he got up and stuck around for a while because he enjoyed Jehan’s flute playing?  ^_^



I love Jean Prouvaire so much like. what a wild character. what a fantastic and weird character. I want to meet him. I love him. he plays the flute and grows weird plants and has a collection of creepy masks and he would love post-mortem photography and he talks so quietly as if he’s afraid of waking sleeping spirits but has this big booming opera singing voice and once a bird settled in his beard but he didn’t have the heart to dislodge it.

@pilferingapples asked how the bird got there.

Easy: it was the middle of the night. Jehan had spent a good part of it with Bahorel, like, hanging out, eating and smoking and talking and also trying a new interpretation of a pivotal scene in a popular play, with improvised costumes and all. They got hungry, Bahorel had brought bread, it was all good. But it was a summer night, see, and it was really warm and Bahorel is a human furnace, so Jehan stripped and opened the window above his bed and fell asleep like that.

there were still pieces of bread in his beard. who cares, right?

the bird that flew in through the window cared. It cared a lot.


“Jehan,” says Combeferre, surrounded by two microscopes, five piles of books, more papers, three unfinished tea cups, one of coffee that’s empty, and a suspicious box making suspicious noises. “It’s late, you should really go to sleep.”

“Combeferre,” answers Jehan patiently. “It’s morning. I did went to sleep. Six hours ago. The first time you told me to do it.”

Combeferre glances at the window. The sun is quite up in the sky.

“Oh,” he says. And then, faintly, pensively. “I do wonder if it is possible i went on a trance – i have a book somewhere on missing moments i had bought for Enjolras…”


jehan’s aesthetic: watching the sunrise because he loves the suddenness of it. the heavens were dark and enchanting in their voidness an hour ago, and are now bright and full of life.
combeferre’s aesthetic: watching the sunrise because there’s coffee running in his veins and words scrambling in his head that he has to get out until he’s filled twenty pages.


I feel like Jean Prouvaire would need this on a t-shirt:



Here’s some sketch of some of Les Amis. I’m new to the fandom and here’s my first contribution !

Joly’s my fav if you can’t tell by all those little hearts

Your Joly is adorable! What a cutie. I love the eyes! 

All these designs have really distinctive eyes and clear designs overall! I’d love to see more of them.