Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia both exist. They don’t operate in the same way. You can’t fight Islamophobia with anti-semitism. You can’t fight anti-semitism with Islamophobia. You have to learn what they look like and fight BOTH. Jews have EVERY RIGHT to protest Holocaust Denial. Muslims have EVERY RIGHT to protest the depiction of the Prophet Muhammad. The fact that France has laws against Holocaust denial but not against depiction of the Prophet Muhammad is evidence of the presence of Islamophobia, it is NOT evidence of an absence of anti-semitism. These two hatreds are not Zero Sum. To act like they are is to pit Jews and Muslims against each other. It is trying to fight one oppression by enforcing the other.






When Superman: Man of Steel came out people were saying that the film was too gritty and cynical and it was that cynicism that destroyed the Superman we have always know and loved.

That it was that very cynicism that had Superman break his cardinal rule of do not kill and had him that very thing, kill.

As the reviews come out about Batman vs Superman and the bleakness and cynicism of that film I posit that the reason Superman has killed and the reason he is so unrecognizable as the hero we grew up with and the hero we loved and looked up to is because every essence of his Jewishness has been meticulously and calculatingly been scrubbed out.

Superman was written by two Jewish teens in the early 30′s and they imprinted onto Superman a Jewish identity.

Superman is in Diaspora. His homeland gone, his language, his culture, and his heritage both alien and foreign to were he lives. Living day to day with a part of himself hidden so as to be live a somewhat unmolested life.

He must struggle with what it means to be a member of his people while not having his people or culture around him and while having the outside culture imposed upon him and expected to assimilate to this outside force.

A great example of this can be seen oddly enough in Man of Steel when Lois Lane asks Superman what the S on his chest stands for. He tells it means hope in his people’s language and Lois responds by saying that here it is a S.

Superman is expected to accept this new reality and to let go of his culture and understand that he must rather assimilate instead. That he must let go of what it means in his language and culture and understand that it is now a S.

It is the internal struggle of the Jew. To survive in Diaspora. To endure and still maintain a sense of self and one’s roots. To keep your people’s language, customs, and culture alive especially surrounded by a world where you are the alien. You are the foreign being and you must assimilate and then be grateful that you were allowed to be forced to assimilate in the first place.

Superman has two masks. The mask of Superman and the mask of Clark Kent. Kal-el, is the face of Superman and not the mask. Kal-el is the struggle to survive when you are the alien.

Superman in the films and especially Man of Steel and even more so in Batman vs Superman is meant to be a jesus figure. A Messiah.

But that is not what he really is. He is rather the personification of Tikkun Olam.

Tikkun Olam is that each and every person is obligated to fix the world. To leave it a better place that when it was when you got there. To work towards justice, peace, and truth, the three pillars of Judaism.

Superman is meant to reflect what each of us can be. What we should be and should do. That when given the opportunity to good we should take it with both hands. That is whatever way we can with whatever our own abilities and powers are we should help others when given the chance. That is Tikkun Olam and that is Superman.

The new Superman does not fail because it is cynical. The new Superman fails because he is not Jewish.

You forgot to mention that kal-el, which in Hebrew is famously and intentionally spelled קל א-ל means “voice of G-d”. His story specifically was based on that of Moshe in many ways. His father and mother – knowing that if he stayed with them he would only find death – placed him in a basket. And that basket, they floated down a vast river. The river of stars and particles, and seemingly nothingness. A nothingness that swallows everything which has falls into it. And that basket came to a place where he could grow up, and where in the end, he was needed. I personally don’t know much about the movies – my job as colony paper pusher leaves no time for such fun, but I agree with you. To erase superman’s jewish identity is to erase superman and create an entirely new character, empty and devoid of its original meaning and purpose.


Running with this, I want to point out fundamentally different approaches between Christian and Jewish traditions on heroism, and good and evil. To simplify a couple hundred years of literature and parable: in Christian fantasy, you have to eradicate evil. The narrative of Christian goodness is generally a strenuous, violent opposition to badness, and frankly this moral philosophy makes people really fucking dangerous, because in order to define themselves as good, they have to be fighting something bad. Purge their sins, slay their demons, drive out the unbelievers. In Jewish fantasy, to do good, you have to actually find things to do that are helpful and needed. It’s not so oppositional, it’s… supplemental. If no one is helping someone, you help them. If no one is fixing something, you fix it. The hunger of children is as important as the enemy at the gate. Kal-El, the voice of god, protects his people both as a super-man and as a human reporter. In both cases, on both stages, he asks people to stand up for truth and justice, and to stand up for each other. 

I did not know this and it is VERY NEAT




ok but did every kid have a certain historical time period that they were REALLY into?? like I was super into the california gold rush when I was 9 for no reason

you can tell who is boring by looking through the reblogs on this and seeing who says WWII 

Or maybe we can accept that everyone has different interests, and no one’s interests are more or less interesting or boring just because they’re more or less popular or mainstream.

And some of us have intensely personal reasons for being interested in WWII.  Just saying.

are jewish people a minority? I mean it’s not the 1940’s anymore does anybody actually hate jews?




one of the many incidents in europe (france, greece) where jewish cemeteries/memorials where vandalized


along with people of other religions (including islam, sikh, hindu, others.) jewish people dont get privileges that christian people have, meaning we, dont get guaranteed time off work/school for holidays, dont have freedom to worship without fear of judgement, wont have our faith accepted at your workplace/school, cant have a job without it being associated with your faith (“they’re a [lawyer/accountant/banker/jeweler]? well obviously, they’re jewish”), have expectations of what your career should be (“they’re jewish and they’re only working as [minimum wage job]? they should aim higher”), being referred to as “jewish” friend, the list goes on.

some extra facts just to further educate yourself on jewish people/the jewish religion:

i could go on, but im sure you get it by now. feel free to add to this post.

But can we also talk about how “being a minority” isn’t defined by how much people hate a specific group? We make up 0.2% of the world’s population and outside of Israel, the United States has the largest number (and percentage) of Jewish people and we’re STILL under 2% of the population. Antisemitism is definitely still a huge problem pretty much worldwide, but even if it wasn’t, Jews are a minority because we’re a minority. Period.

“it’s not the 1940s anymore”

And in the 1940s it wasn’t the 1890s anymore, and in the 1890s it wasn’t the 1810s anymore, and in the 1810s it wasn’t the 1790s anymore, or the 1740s or the 1650s or the 1490s or the 1280s or the 500s or the frakking 3rd century BCE.

Antisemitism did not end with the Nazis, and it sure as hell didn’t begin with them either.


jewish person on tumbler dot com: “hey it freaks me out that so many people make excuses for nazi charcters and turn nazi imagery and fascism into a silly joke ex: hail hydra, the first order, etc, can tumblr fandom please stop for a second and think about what they’re doing and why it might be harmful”

5000 non-jewish, non-rromani tumbler dot com users screaming and falling over each other: “clearly you dont understand the nazi trope in popular culture.  let me, someone who has no personal ties to the holocaust explain to you, a jewish person, why you’re overreacting and taking away my fun,”

Antisemitic Statements, Beliefs, and Microaggressions






I see many antisemitic comments on Tumblr, and it occurred to me that maybe non-Jews just don’t realize they’re being antisemitic. So I decided to make a list of antisemitic beliefs, statements, and microaggressions for your future reference. (Feel free to add any I might have missed.)

  • Jews control the media/government/banks/world.
  • All Jews are rich.
  • Jews have a disproportionate amount of wealth/power.
  • Antisemitism is no longer an issue/doesn’t exist.
  • Jews are not oppressed.
  • Jews are greedy/selfish.
  • Jews only care about themselves.
  • Jews make everything about themselves.
  • Jews are disloyal to [the country they live in].
  • Jews are not trustworthy.
  • The Holocaust wasn’t that bad.
  • Jews are milking the Holocaust for their own gain.
  • Jews need to stop talking about the Holocaust.
  • The Holocaust was a white-on-white genocide.
  • People only care about the Holocaust because the victims were white.
  • Jews caused the Holocaust.
  • Jews made the Holocaust up.
  • Jews caused [insert terrible event].
  • Jewish women are [insert negative trait].
  • Jewish men are [insert negative trait].
  • All Jews are [insert negative trait].
  • [White] Jews aren’t the real Jews.
  • Jews descend from Khazar converts.
  • Jews are racist because they only marry other Jews.
  • [Any statement comparing Jews to Hitler or Nazis.]
  • Jews are doing to others what Hitler did to them.
  • Jews only care about the Holocaust and not other genocides.
  • [Comparing the Star of David to the Nazi Swastika.]
  • [Asking any Jew you meet what their stance on Israel is.]
  • [Justifying antisemitic violence against Zionist Jews.]
  • Jews are going to get what they deserve.
  • Antisemitism isn’t a problem because Israel exists.
  • [Blaming all Jews for the actions of Israel.]
  • [Blaming all Jews for the actions of one Jewish person.]
  • Jews think they’re better than everyone else.
  • Hitler should’ve finished the job.
  • Hitler was right/no wonder Hitler wanted to kill Jews.
  • Jews have been kicked out of every place they’ve lived and they don’t think it’s their fault.
  • No wonder everyone hates Jews.
  • If Jews didn’t act [a certain way] no one would hate them.
  • Rabbis are rapists/molest baby boys.
  • I would never date/marry/have sex with a Jew.
  • You don’t look Jewish.
  • You look really Jewish.
  • If you [altered stereotypical features in any way] you would be so much prettier.
  • Jews use the blood of non-Jewish children or animals.
  • Jews killed Jesus.
  • Jews are poisoning white society.
  • Jews complain too much.
  • [Erasure of Jewish ethnic groups.]
  • [Erasure of Jewish history.]
  • [Mocking Jewish traditions or culture.]
  • [Calling for the deaths of Jews or another Jewish genocide.]
  • Jews assimilated into white culture so they could gain privilege.
  • [Identity policing Jews.]
  • Jews steal culture and land.
  • Jews owned slaves/participated in the slave trade.
  • Jews need Jesus.
  • Jews are going to hell [unless they accept Jesus as the messiah/convert to Christianity].
  • Judaism is just Christianity without Christ.
  • [Dressing up as a Jewish person.]
  • [Doing a “Jewish voice”.]
  • [Categorizing Jews as ”Good Jew” or “Bad Jew”.]
  • [Saying something isn’t antisemitic when you aren’t Jewish.]
  • [Trying to redefine the word antisemitism.]
  • [Comparing another tragic event to the Holocaust.]

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  • Europeans/White Jews stole Judaism from people of color
  • The phrase Judeo-Christian
  • The amount of hate crimes against Jews is over-exaggerated
  • Non-Jews saying “you can’t be Jewish if you do(n’t) _____”
  •  The Jewish American Princess stereotype
  • Jews are rich therefore they can’t be oppressed
  • “Bernie Sanders upholds white supremacy”
  • Implicating Jews in white supremacy
  • The idea that antisemitism started and stopped with the Nazis
  • “Donald Trump is just like Hitler”


-being really concerned about the state of a Jewish mans genitals

-calling any Jewish practice “backwards” or “outdated”

if you follow me and are not Jewish please read this!!!!!!! it’s v important

“I feel like I’ve just been Jewed down.”
[Trying to police a Jew’s eating habits i.e., keeping kosher or kosher for Pesach – “Oh right, you can’t eat that.”] 
[Alternately, not providing a kosher option for Jews who keep kosher.]
“Grammer nazi.”

I’m sure I could think of others, but these were the ones that popped immediately to mind.






I’d been meaning to make a rec list for a while, but now I’m finally getting around to it! I’ve read or started to read most of the books on this list, and I own 95% of them. If I haven’t read it, but someone has recommended it to me, I’ve included it. I know that there are books
I’ve read or have been meaning to read that aren’t on here because my memory is
shit and I never write anything down. Titles link to Goodreads.

An asterisk (*) indicates a book I haven’t read yet. A pound sign (#) indicates a book I haven’t read yet, but which others have recommended. A tilde (~) indicates a book I’m in the process of reading and would recommend up to the current point (aka “I don’t know if this book has a terrible second half, but so far it’s good”). Italics indicate a personal favorite.




Feel free to add others! 

Tagging shiraglassman and newlyjewly​,
re: the “books” ask.

Naomi Alderman’s Disobedience is really excellent. 

Adding Nice Jewish Girls

Yentl’s Revenge: The Next Wave of Jewish Feminism, ed. Danya Ruttenberg
My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel, Ari Shavit
Jewish Renewal: A Path to Healing and Transformation, Michael Lerner

Gentlemen of the Road, Michael Chabon
The Passionate Torah: Sex and Judaism, ed. Danya Ruttenberg
Megillat Esther (graphic adaptation), J. T. Waldman
Klezmer: Tales of the Wild East, Joann Sfar

yesssss i have been dying for a list like this. also michael chabon’s the yiddish policemen’s union is not on this list but is in my tbr pile, and i’m pretty excited about it.

I have to add:

Five Books Of Miriam: A Woman’s Commentary on the Torah by Ellen Frankel

and I definitely need to look into a bunch of the books on this list.  *_*