Small things I write at work, a panel in three snippets: 

“Have you really sent a note for me when you were just two streets away from law school?” Bossuet asked quite rhetorically to Grantaire who was laying on a bench under the sun. 

“Surely you mean to applaud me,” answered Grantaire, “since I’ve made one gamin richer and less idle thanks to that. Now, come on, we have a big day in front of us.“ 

“I have classes,” Bossuet remarked. 

Grantaire blinked, and waggled his eyebrows. “I have money and a new address,” he said, and Bossuet grinned.

“Bossuet,” said Grantaire, “the gentleman is still standing.“ 

Bossuet grinned widely at Joly. “I do believe he is,” he replied.

“Well this is it then; the war is won; the king has fallen, and by that I mean that my head will be on the floor tomorrow. L’aigle de Mots, I will never doubt your words ever again. You said ’this man is a trusty fellow, R’ and i scoffed. Now here I am, defeated, corrected, in awe. Monsieur Joly, you have my approval.” Grantaire said. 

Joly beamed. “Another drink?” he asked.

Bossuet was languid in the bed, laying sensually on the side, the white sheets covering so little that Musichetta didn’t have anything left to imagine, apart what it would be like, to run her fingers on this fine, lean body. And even that…

 "My dear,“ said Joly behind her, his breath tickling her neck, his hands on her hips. "What do you say?" 

Musichetta said exactly nothing, but reached for the buttons of her dress. There goes my reputation, she thought. She couldn’t remember to mind for now.



Joly, Bossuet, and Grantaire lose a bet to the rest of Les Amis and they have to talk in puns 24/7, around Les Amis or not, in university or at work or not.
Losing this bet makes no difference to their speech patterns whatsoever.


one of my fave things about grantaire is his passive aggressive speech at joly and bossuet ‘wow why do young men go marching off to their deaths when they could be HAVING SEX ?? right? you––they, I mean they, i’m talking hypothetically this is all hypothetical, they could be off in the hay instead of getting shot, what dumbasses’

he’s a fucker but it’s notable that he tosses some sweetness enjolras’ way when even his last minute plea for his bffs to save themselves is sassy

be grateful OFPD didn’t end with ‘lmao see I’m capable of dying’


Someone should think about Joly having to deal with his two best friends being the worst at serious emotional talk; one will make everything a joke and the other will rant endlessly and never manage to properly say what he thinks after two hours.

Someone should also think about Bossuet and Grantaire staring at Joly and loving him a little bit more every time he’s being a sensible human being capable of telling them how much he likes them (also, how damn frustrating they can be)

Just saying.


AU where Joly’s first name is Roger and for the first day of school every year he shows up wearing pirate shit for when a teacher inevitably calls out Joly, Roger in class 

He meets Grantaire in his freshman year of high school when the other boy aggressively insists on being called R

No one is really surprised when they’re both sent to the office for talking like pirates for the rest of the class. 
And that’s where they meet Bossuet, who had taken the fall for some Pontmercy kid

Needless to say, he is 100% down with pirate lingo, the principal has no idea what to do with them, and it’s only day one

Do you have any headcanons about modern Grantaire?


SO MANY. [cracks knuckles]

  • He has three dogs. They’re his babies and he loves them so much.  He also has a little dog walking ‘business’ going on. The old ladies from his block pay him back in fudge and home-knit slippers and cakes. He’s definitely not complaining.
  • Winter is his favourite season! He loves gathering all of his friends in one place and just sitting around and chatting over coffee and watching snowflakes sparkle in people’s hair.
  • He makes his own furniture out of stuff people throw out. At first it was because it was cheaper, now he just thinks it fits what he needs better than store-bought stuff. Plus he hates shopping and can’t be bothered to go to the stores.
  • So, you know, it’d make sense that he picks up crocheting as well, you know? 
  • Total coffee snob. Him and Combeferre both. They argue about it a lot. Good naturedly, of course – or is it?
  • … He probably starts making his own beer at some point. His own cider. His own wine. All with varying degrees of success.

… now, BACKSTORY TIME. (I’m sorry, it’s long. tw for crappy relationship with parents, alchoolism, homelessness and depression.)

  • Grantaire is from your typical suburban upper middle class family; closest to his older sister. Not close at all to either of his parents. His childhood was, in his own words, the most typical for a family like his. He was kind of a class clown, couldn’t stay quiet or sit still in school, so his mother put him in so many extracurricular sports and activities – piano lessons, dancing, painting, martial arts, soccer – well, football in France. Anything to help him focus or let go of that extra energy. He dropped pretty much everything after a few years, though. He claims he hated every single one of these, but actually he wonders where he would be if he’d kept up at it until he was actually good.
  • He studied art history and political science in college and he absolutely hated it. He didn’t know what he was doing there; he’s pretty sure he went to college only because it was expected of him, because he didn’t know what else to do. He parties more than he studies, tries to run from the pressure of everyone asking him to chose something to do with his life. He announces he’s dropping out in the middle of his degree. His parents, furious, threaten to cut him off. He lasts one more semester before he just can’t anymore. He stops going to class, fails, his gpa drops. 
  • That’s probably the lowest point of his life. There’s no way he’s going back to his parents’ house – besides, he’s not talking to them anymore. His sister’s not an option – she just had a baby, and he nows seeing him like that would break her heart. And she’d be disappointed. He doesn’t think he can cope with that, he’s already disappointed everyone else in his life.

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agh but

What’s been cracking me up/punching me in the chest about that post about Grantaire’s reaction to his crush sending a message to someone not him is  that that message wasn’t just to some random not-him person; it was to Bossuet.  Bossuet, who’s probably Grantaire’s  best friend along with Joly, and who’s definitely the most like Grantaire in personality among the Amis– sarcastic, chatty, down for a whole lot of hangin’ out doing Nothing Much; a smart,fun guy with a good heart, but not some impossible ideal. 

But Bossuet’s also a serious, committed revolutionary, serious enough that Enjolras relies on him and sends him messages and keeps track of where he might be because he’s counting on him. People depend on Legle, goofy, broke, busted-coat  boots-joke Bossuet, because he can actually be depended on; he’s made himself that person. But he’s still also very much Grantaire’s goofy slacker drinking buddy; the one doesn’t rule out the other. 

So Bossuet getting that note in front of Grantaire isn’t just Someone Not Him getting a note from the guy Grantaire’s kinda  super fixated on; it’s not even a case of “ my crush and my best friend, oh no”. It’s pretty much a great big banner announcement with trumpets that what Grantaire wants so much–to be someone useful, to be part of that faith and that effort, the sort of person that someone like Enjolras would rely on– isn’t such an impossible goal. It isn’t something barred to People Like  Grantaire, because Bossuet very much IS People Like Grantaire. It’s just something that Grantaire himself, for reasons he doesn’t even understand, hasn’t managed to make himself do. 

Add in the issue that Grantaire’s already been obliquely lamenting about–that literally all his best friends are about to go do something that could very easily get them all killed, and he, again, really doesn’t yet understand why on an emotional level– and, holy cats, Bossuet  and Joly are still able to lead him back to cheerfulness, because they really are that good and that close with each other, and aghhh y’all I have so many feelings about this friendship and now I’m upset again because of a joke post. 

Ouch, you got me right in the Lesgle feels!



let the wine of friendship never run dry

joly, R, bossuet – revolutionary drinking bros 4 lyfe.

Awww, saps.  This is lovely and then SO UPSETTING with that quote– and it doesn’t fit anyone better than these three. 

‘Scuse me, gotta go have emotions now.