Do you have any headcanons about modern Grantaire?


SO MANY. [cracks knuckles]

  • He has three dogs. They’re his babies and he loves them so much.  He also has a little dog walking ‘business’ going on. The old ladies from his block pay him back in fudge and home-knit slippers and cakes. He’s definitely not complaining.
  • Winter is his favourite season! He loves gathering all of his friends in one place and just sitting around and chatting over coffee and watching snowflakes sparkle in people’s hair.
  • He makes his own furniture out of stuff people throw out. At first it was because it was cheaper, now he just thinks it fits what he needs better than store-bought stuff. Plus he hates shopping and can’t be bothered to go to the stores.
  • So, you know, it’d make sense that he picks up crocheting as well, you know? 
  • Total coffee snob. Him and Combeferre both. They argue about it a lot. Good naturedly, of course – or is it?
  • … He probably starts making his own beer at some point. His own cider. His own wine. All with varying degrees of success.

… now, BACKSTORY TIME. (I’m sorry, it’s long. tw for crappy relationship with parents, alchoolism, homelessness and depression.)

  • Grantaire is from your typical suburban upper middle class family; closest to his older sister. Not close at all to either of his parents. His childhood was, in his own words, the most typical for a family like his. He was kind of a class clown, couldn’t stay quiet or sit still in school, so his mother put him in so many extracurricular sports and activities – piano lessons, dancing, painting, martial arts, soccer – well, football in France. Anything to help him focus or let go of that extra energy. He dropped pretty much everything after a few years, though. He claims he hated every single one of these, but actually he wonders where he would be if he’d kept up at it until he was actually good.
  • He studied art history and political science in college and he absolutely hated it. He didn’t know what he was doing there; he’s pretty sure he went to college only because it was expected of him, because he didn’t know what else to do. He parties more than he studies, tries to run from the pressure of everyone asking him to chose something to do with his life. He announces he’s dropping out in the middle of his degree. His parents, furious, threaten to cut him off. He lasts one more semester before he just can’t anymore. He stops going to class, fails, his gpa drops. 
  • That’s probably the lowest point of his life. There’s no way he’s going back to his parents’ house – besides, he’s not talking to them anymore. His sister’s not an option – she just had a baby, and he nows seeing him like that would break her heart. And she’d be disappointed. He doesn’t think he can cope with that, he’s already disappointed everyone else in his life.

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…I feel like this post covers at least 75 percent of Joly’s character.


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This is a beautiful argument for creative reference use and a wonderful picture generally! I think I feel a nap coming on just looking at it.

Les Amis and Their Wedding Ceremonies

Enjolras & Grantaire : Got married at city hall so Enjolras could be both with Grantaire and Patria. Grantaire may have slipt an innuendo in his vows and replaced the traditional text by “Do you permit it?”. Enjolras had a french flag pocket square. They were both beaming like idiots and les Amis threw blue white and red confetti when they kissed.
Combeferre & Courfeyrac : Courfeyrac got so overwhelmed by joy and his love for Ferre that he broke down, sobbing in the middle of his vows. Combeferre hugged him tight, wiped away his tears and said “Please continue, there was a really good bit about how you love me even though I never coordinate my socks with my outfit.”
Joly & Bossuet & Musichetta : Decided Joly and Bossuet should get married to celebrate the legalisation of same-sex marriage. Musichetta was the maid of honour and cried more at the “I do”s than the boys did. She just loves them SO.MUCH.
Bahorel & Feuilly : Placed bets on which loser would cry first on their wedding day, each betting against the other. On that fateful day, Bahorel felt himself tearing up about 2 minutes in, and unable to admit defeat, stepped on Feuilly’s foot. They both lost.
Cosette & Marius : Marius was so nervous Grantaire had to give him 2 shots of “liquid courage”. It didn’t prevent him from turning into a crying mess but it added hysterical giggling to the mix. Cosette chose Eponine as her maid of honour and made her wear a prettier dress than her own.
Jehan : Were the flower person at every single one of these events.

Joly having a habit of throwing his prosthetic leg at people in the car park who accuse him of ‘not really being disabled’.


I cackled at this, this is brilliant!!!

He’d get out the car, start locking up when he hears a disgusted snort. He turns and some snobby woman with a fake Prada bag and a sneer on her face is eyeing him.

“People like you make me sick,” she spits.

“Madame, I am a doctor, I assure you I do entirely the opposite,” he replies with a polite, albeit tight-lipped smile.

“That’s a parking spot for the DISABLED, of which you clearly are not!”

Joly, never once taking his eyes from the woman’s, rolls up the left leg of his jeans, detaches the prosthetic and, with the precision of a professional athlete, lobs it at her face.

Bossuet and Chetta come to pick him up from the shopping centre security offices and he just grins at them, as they shake their heads and are like “Fuck sake Joly, not AGAIN!”