OH GOSH. If you’re still taking prompts, I’d love to see Enjolras and Feuilly ♘:Cuddling in a blanket fort or ♝:Reading a book together or ♡:Accidentally falling asleep together. ^_^ (I’m not selfish enough to ask for all three, but it seems like some of these may be harder to draw than others, so I’d rather give you options. ^_^)


All three in one?:D 

(aah thank you for asking, I love this one and maybe I’ll color it properly later?!?) 



being human meme:  [½] otp’s

hal x tom.

"Kiss me…If you feel nuffin then that's fine and
we'll go back to how it were before.
But I want t'hear you say that you don't feel it too.
That you didn't feel like only you and
me existed when we kissed.
That you didn't feel…whole" [x]

People always diabetes whether grantaire would be a cat or a dog person, but tbh I think we would love and own one of each. A cat is quiet and calm and he loves that but he also own a golden retriever (or Labrador?) that cheers him up whenever he feels bad, and he lives to walk him out and yea also both of them sleep in his bed


I needed to read that today.