I always enjoyed this sub-plot and wish it had made it to the final cut.




Found via Facebook but then I went and hunted down the name on the watermark and HairByJaneY’s instagram is here and it’s pretty damn awesome. There are a lot of speed-up videos showing how the braids were accomplished, and apparently the same videos exist (at normal speed) as tutorials over on her YouTube channel.

@morgynleri this looks up your alley; are you familiar with her stuff already?

I am not, but I will go check her out.




If we argue (erroneously) that all entries came from within the 5 borroughs, this suggests that more than .6% of NYC residents entered the Hamilton lottery tonight. That’s an utterly wild number.

Even if some people tried to enter with multiple email addresses and got away with it, look at that desire for live theater in NYC! 

This is not about the same 500 – 1,500 people showing up in NYC for the lottery each night. This is not about hardcore fans. This is truly about bringing new audiences to theater or back to theater. This is about encouraging a Broadway that is innovative, that doesn’t have to rely on the middle-of-the-road to only survive off of tourist dollars.

And this is data. 

This is data that will help propel more chances to experience Hamilton in more ways at more price points in more locations. 

This is data that will help to propel more diverse, risky, innovative theater on- and off- Broadway. 

This is data that will encourage more shows to find ways to make Broadway theater (which is necessarily expensive to produce and which requires a large number of highly priced tickets to survive) financially accessible to broader audiences.

Yeah, they need a better server. But I have chills.