Bail Organa by MistyTang

Needless to say, I have so many issues with the prequels. But Bail is
not one of those issues. I love Bail. I mean come on, he’s Leia’s daddy.
 Also it’s cool that he got to hang around in the Clone Wars cartoons a little bit, and I’m glad he’s shown up in Rebels as well. 




  • They have a joined medical practice, so they work hand in hand
  • The waiting room had a lot of games for kids to play with, books like Harry Potter, the Little Prince, Percy Jackson etc etc
  • It also has a couple of Nintendo DS for everybody, and the kids with ADHD particularly like it because it stimulates them
  • They talk about physical AND mental health with their patients and normalise the topic for them not to be ashamed and build trust between them
  • Joly keeps joking he’s a cyborg with his prosthetic leg and half of the kids take it at face value, telling everybody their doctor is a super cool robot with glasses
  • Joly keeps giving parents homemade herbal tea for free because he makes batches upon batches of those anyway and he swear it helps with some stuff
  • Combeferre can spot a faker instantly, but instead of telling them off, he asks the parents to give them privacy and talks with them about what the problem really is. School? Heart matters? Bullying? Again, a lot of trust between him and the lil patients
  • They have a whole wall dedicated to drawing the kids have given them
  • Both Joly and Combeferre make knock knock jokes when they vaccinate a kid to take their mind of it. It’s super effective


bunch of unrelated les mis headcanons because it’s been a while and I like doing that:

  • Grantaire is that one person who wears like a hoodie only in the winter. and maybe like a beanie and those mittens he borrowed from Bossuet like years ago but he got like snot and maybe blood on them last winter so he’s not giving them backl.
    • It’s barely above freezing point? screw that, he’s wearing only a tshirt.
    • he’s very hairy okay he can stand the cold.
    • actually it has nothing do to with his hair but he likes the fact that he has so much of it it’s cute. when it gets long he can braid it.
    • it’s indeed very cute.
    • he complains a lot when it’s hot though. he can’t stand hot weather.
  • Cosette collects jewellery with birds on it! one condition, no cages, though she likes it when there’s a cage but the door is wide open for the little bird.
  • Bahorel’s apartment complex has a roof terrasse and it’s his and Feuilly’s favourite place to hang out, share a smoke and talk about things, especially at night. In fact, Bahorel often invites Feuilly when he knows either (or both) of them need to relax a little – from up there the view of the city lights is fantastic. Sometimes they bring pillows and snacks and stay there for hours 
    • until Feuilly’s falling asleep on Bahorel’s shoulder, that’s it. then, there’s nothing to be done and Bahorel will have to carry him down to his couch and let him sleep the night ‘cause there’s no way he’s waking him up.
  • Combeferre is really into city gardening, especially herbs and sprouting seeds. he likes to try new kids every time, hangs the herbs outside and ends up sharing with everyone (he ends up with too much every time, even dried).
  • Courfeyrac and Bossuet can hold an entire conversation and totally say what they meant and wanted to say using only quotes from various shows and movies. They do it frequently. Joly tries but he can’t keep a straight face and always messes the quotes up.



I need someone to talk to me about Courfeyrac and Marius’s roommates hijinks because i’m currently avoiding responsibilities. Please? 

How does Marius deal with the fact Combeferre often comes to see Courfeyrac? Does Marius carefully join political conversations if like, Feuilly, or Enjolras, or Jehan, or Bossuet are there? Does Courfeyrac spend a lot of time reminding Bossuet and Joly that no, Marius has left no clue as to where he disappears sometimes and no, you can’t go through his stuff, come on guys? Do they sleep in the same bed in winter? Do they share when another friend comes knocking at Courfeyrac’s door at two am? Who cooks? Does Marius work on translations on sundays evenings while Courfeyrac reads and they’re both muttering, one in German because that text is so illogical, one in French because that text is SO WRONG? Is Marius an expert in handling Courfeyrac’s angry fits? Is Courfeyrac fluent in Marius’s talk and behaviour? Does Marius bring Courfeyrac to the theater when he’s happy because that’s what Courfeyrac often does with him when he’s happy? Do they cuddle???? ((do they kISS))

What are your opinions, people?

Imagine them picking up each other’s body language and expressions!

The other amis often leaving messages for Courfeyrac with Marius, but Marius has a hard time with names, no matter how often Courfeyrac introduces them, so Marius describes them in often silly ways – “The tall dark one with the most horrible hand writing, the one who looks like a school master.” “That’s Combeferre, Marius, you know him.” “Yeah, that’s what I was saying, the school master. He dropped this bunch of papers for you. I didn’t look, but I think it’s your arithmetic assignment.”  

Courfeyrac starts making twice as much coffee at home, every time, because chaces are Marius is sitting in a corner working on his translations.

they definitely cuddle and kiss

Oh my GOSH, yes.  I am so here for talk of Marius and Courfeyrac as
roommates (AND PERHAPS MORE…??  ^______^) and how baffled Marius is by
this ginormous circle of friends that Courfeyrac has.  Because he’s had
what?  A sum total of three people, maybe four, in his life before he
meets Courfeyrac?  And then in sweeps Courfeyrac and Bossuet with ALL
THESE OTHER PEOPLE ATTACHED and it’s no wonder Marius can’t keep them
all straight!  But Courfeyrac is the first real friend he’s ever had and
has done so much for him that Marius just absolutely most of all does
NOT want to let him down, even in this small way, even if he’s borderline terrified of all those people (and certain of them in particular! O_o;;;).

Courfeyrac, who people are drawn to like they would be to a fire in the
dead of winter, and has thus always been surrounded by friends and
acquaintances, just doesn’t get that.  He doesn’t understand that people
can be so confusing and so intimidating and why someone might not want
to hang out ten other people at the same time for fear of getting
overwhelmed.  But he sees that that it’s true for Marius, even if he
doesn’t understand why.  And Marius has come to mean so much to him in
so short a time (because, let’s face it, when Courfeyrac gives his heart
to something or someone, he does it COMPLETELY–there are no half-assed
commitments coming from Courfeyrac), and, above all, he wants Marius to
be happy and to feel safe and loved.  So, even though it’s by far the
standard for Les Amis to pile in to Courfeyrac’s rooms in threes and
fours (or as many can reasonably fit), Courfeyrac does his best to
curtail it a little, to make sure that there are some times of the day,
or even some whole days, that it’s just he and Marius, to make sure that
their rooms are a safe space that Marius can come back to when he needs

And Marius understands better than most of Courfeyrac’s
friends what it’s like when your emotions spiral out of your control.  
He understands what it’s like when the feeling is just so damned BIG
that there’s no room for anything else.  There’s no calming it down,
there’s no rationalizing it away, there’s just FEELING.  The only
difference being that for Marius, the emotion that most often runs out
of his control is fear, while for Courfeyrac it’s anger.  Still, Marius
GETS IT.  So when Courfeyrac gets inflamed about whatever injustice has
caught his attention, Marius just rolls with it, lets himself be used to
bounce that anger off of without adding fuel to it, just a reflection
of solidarity until the edge has worn off and Courfeyrac can calm down.
And Courfeyrac has never had that before.

Just… give me ALL THE
STORIES about how Marius and Courfeyrac are such absolute polar
opposites and how they use that to support each other and take care of
each other.  PLEASE.  *_*