“Combeferre completed and corrected Enjolras.”

#lord what a good combeferre #they didn’t give him much to do #but god did he do it #this is a combeferre who is still conflicted #who hates what they are doing but does it anyway #because at the end of the day his place is here #but it still hurts to see his friends do these things #to see them take lives into their own hands like this #and it hurts all the more to know that they are not necessarily wrong to do so #and where does this leave the man who believes that the good must be innocent? #(it leaves him beside his friends #standing with them and pointing double pistols at the enemy #and trying to temper their actions and falling silent when he cannot #there are times when volcanoes are needed #and combeferre understands that this is such a time #even if it must feel rather like being a citizen of pompeii) (via kingedmundsroyalmurder)


Inside the West End Episode 2: Killian Donnelly
“Inside The West End” is a brand new weekly podcast featuring in-depth interviews from the world of theatre. Produced by professional actors Ben Morris and Rob Copeland, “Inside the West End” is the first podcast to get behind the scenes of the industry and give an honest and well rounded view of the theatre from the perspective of the people who work in it.

In this episode we speak to actor Killian Donnelly backstage at The Adelphi Theatre about his journey from amateur theatre in Ireland to starring as Charlie Price in ‘Kinky Boots The Musical’ in London’s West End.

Listen to the podcast here.


With luck, there will be a new addition this year to the annual festive photos, but in the meantime, a Throwback Thursday of Killian’s St. Paddy’s Days over the last four years: showing off his magnificent hat at Phantom in 2012, greeting his baby nephew Nick for the first time during a quick daytrip up to Dublin in 2013, falling asleep and getting papped by castmate Mark Dugdale before the Commitments appeared on morning television in 2014, and sporting the Ireland rugby spirit backstage at Memphis in 2015.