You are precious. I hope your garden prospers!

^__________^ THANK YOU. I hope it does, too! ^_^ I am so excited for all the yummy foods! Like… 😀 …I CAN MAKE ALL THE ZUCCHINI BREAD. AND I CAN LEARN HOW TO MAKE EGGPLANT ROLLATINI. 😀 And I WANT TO BAKE SOMETHING WITH LAVENDER. XD *happy squirms* I AM JUST VERY EXCITED. XD *tail wag*

Happy birthday, my friend! This is a momentous day worthy of celebration, because if you’d never been born then I would never have gotten you for a friend! Good luck with all of the end of the semester of stress and I hope you have a lovely day that is equal to the loveliness of your heart <3

TT^TT  Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.  ^__________________^

And your friendship is one of the best birthday presents I could ever have!  ^____________^  *big hugs*  Thanks so much for the well wishes, too!  I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!  😀  *piles on more hugs*

This was a WAY better birthday than last year.  No comparison.  ^_^  Thank you!

Oh my gosh! All of this is so great! I can’t believe you got an order for ELEVEN journals–that’s so amazing! And the business cards look great too 😀

Thanks!  I’m so excited!  😀  It’s one for her to use as the book she takes notes in during sessions and then 10 for her journaling group.  ^_^  The most hilarious part of it, though, was that she actually went to her lawyer to verify that it’s not a conflict of interests for her to buy something from me.  And I think that’s great.  XD

I know someone else has already looked, but it’s legible to me! And it’s the book background on chrome 🙂

Thank you! The more people who think it’s legible, the happier I am, so it’s all good. ^_^ And I have no idea why Chrome is kicking up the old banner on mine, but sometimes browsers are weird that way, I guess. O_o;;; Thanks for checking for me! ^_^

replied to your post
“OMG, guys, please quick–someone reply to this!  I want to answer a…”

I HAVE REPLIES NOW! I HAVE REPLIES NOW! I literally gasped when I saw the reply button on my phone! *throws glitter* WE ARE NO LONGER ISOLATED IN THE VOID!!!!!

I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU HAVE REPLIES NOW.  😀  *clings to you*  I AM NOT LETTING GO. NEVER EVER EVER.  ^_______________^