“But it was here that I felt something rough and furry brushing against my face, and I opened my eyes to find my cat rubbing her whiskers against my own, in a feline form of morning’s greeting, while the uncertain light of dawn filtered through the bedroom curtains.  Thus I came to the end of my opium dream, which left me no other memento than a vague and persistent sense of melancholy.”

Théophile Gautier, upon awakening after a wild night smoking opium with friends and dreaming of his beloved, encountering the familiar “dude, are you still breathing?” morning-after cat stare.

@feuillyova, this made me think of your “kitten on the head” story – minus the opium of course.




Cats Who Just Realized You Took Them To The Vet


omg the second last one!!

Remember a month ago when I was babbling excitedly about my new garden?  Well, for anyone wanting an update… here it is a month later!  Complete with flowers!  😀  I may even have actual vegetables before too long!  ^_^

For a while I was having trouble with someone coming along and digging at the plants (my parents claim they saw birds, but I never caught anyone in the act :P) but that seems to have stopped.  I can’t help but wonder if the visitor we’ve had for the past few days has anything to do with it…


They’re a beautiful kitty, well-fed looking, well-cared for looking, and not really all that skittish around people–certainly not as skittish as a truly feral cat would be.  I only hope they have a home nearby and just like to hang out in our yard.  We’ve been putting out water, but I still worry.  -.-;;;  As much as I appreciate your effect on the garden pests, I hope you have a home somewhere close by that you go to at night, pretty marmalade kitty!




“Little lynx kitty!”

Not a lynx, a caracal. Here’s a comparison…

The caracal’s moustache, eyebrows and ear-tips are a giveaway even from birth…

…and it looks like the ears grow before the legs…

…which soon follow…

If Elves had cats, they’d look like caracals.

I’m sorry to interrupt but that comparison picture of the caracal and lynx is clearly a wedding photo and I’d like to take a moment to wish the joyous couple every happiness.