Fanfiction Written By Young People



  • Freelance worker lives in huge, gorgeous house/apartment in expensive area despite never seeming to be working
  • Characters work 8-5 office job with hour-long commute, but go to bed no earlier than midnight and get up in time for morning sex and long, leisurely cooked breakfasts every day
  • Do these characters even have jobs?
  • Single parent has way more communication with child’s teacher than is normal; leads to dating; administration somehow has no problem with this.
  • “I know I could never afford this mansion, but it’s OK I inherited it.  No, paying property taxes isn’t difficult on my salary.  I don’t even know how much the place is worth.  Are property taxes a thing?”
  • There are two levels of cooking skills:  gourmet food every time no recipe, and sets pot of boiling water on fire somehow.  No one is ever in between these two skill sets.  People on each level always end up dating each other.
  • Despite the gourmet meals described needing like seven pots to cook, no one ever does dishes.
  • Character shares a bottle of wine with their date (2 and half glasses each), and they both get falling-down drunk.
  • Later, one of them drinks an entire bottle of whiskey by themselves and does not die.

Oh my god


whatever you do don’t think about courfeyrac meeting combeferre in high school and just pining over him ((and don’t imagine that nerd leaning against the lockers while staring at ferre across the hall))


high school courferre literally keeps me going, bc i always end up thinking about the whole ‘magical hotness transformation’ thing, like they’re besties who r totally pining over each other, then over the summer they don’t see each other for ages, then they get back to school and

-and courfeyrac’s hair and his jawline and his new collared shirts showing off his figure and he’s still laughing like a dork and doing that eye scrunch thing he always did

-and combeferre’s undercut and his muscles and a ~2″ growth spurt, and his glasses showing off his facial structure, and those skinny jeans, and yet he still gets distracted by every butterfly he sees

 so the first time they see each other they literally just stare for like two minutes, and courfeyrac very faintly says ‘hey do you wanna maybe go get dinner’ and combeferre trips over his own feet trying to get to courfeyrac to agree as enthusiastically as possible