Star Wars Episode IV “A New Hope”

A (probably unsuccessful) long-term attempt to gif every DVD I own: 9 of ?

So I’m picturing Leia getting escorted from her cell for reasons unknown to her, Darth Vader a step behind her, and she’s trying to figure out what’s happening, and then after a few very lengthy elevator rides she round the corner and sees…

this bitch  and she just powerwalks to Tarkin, and Vader’s like, wait what, and Leia is honestly excited because here’s a person she knows and hates, and she’s like, “what should I insult? His hair? His family? His personal habits? Can I insult Vader at the same time?” and then doesn’t flinch when Vader bumps her shoulder like “What the hell, Organa,” but just continues with her lil’ diatribe.


The retro-modern adventures of Han, Leia and Luke

Han and Leia share some good news with Luke. It is then that poor Han suddenly remembers his wife’s genes.

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“My wife and I will take the girl, we’ve always talked of adopting a baby girl. She will be loved with us.




You would prefer another target, a military target? Then name the system!

>Fisher said she liked Cushing so much that it was difficult to act as though she hated Tarkin,[120] and she had to substitute somebody else in her mind to muster the feelings. Although one of her lines referred to Tarkin’s “foul stench,” she said the actual actor smelled like “linen and lavender,” something Cushing attributed to his tendency to wash and brush his teeth thoroughly before filming because of his self-consciousness about bad breath.

Is that “can’t keep a straight face smile” or a “sempai is touching me!” smile?

so cute!



They could see a world reborn…

I was not emotionally ready for this post.






bb-8 starts picking up swears from r2 and poe is appalled.

#this is what im here for  #r2 and bb-8 rolling around the resistance base and insulting everyone in their way  #gossiping about everyone  #c3po following them like a distraught parent (via @quidditsch)

Imagine BB-8 rolling up to Rey and Poe like “beep beep beep guess what I just learned” like a small kid and saying “fuck” or something equally as startling for something as cute and important and both Rey and Poe look shocked and Poe’s jaw drops a little and Rey goes “where did you learn that!?” like that’s not something that is supposed to be in a military droid’s basic vernacular and it couldn’t have learned it from humans because most swears don’t compute into droid so it had to be a droid and the proud if scared beeping replies “R2-D2” and the next thing you know both Poe and Rey are running down the base after this ancient droid that’s screaming and beeping frantically like “IT WAS AN ACCIDENT I FUCKING SWEAR”

Luke and Leia dying of laughter in the background.

Force Ghost!Anakin looking sheepish and trying not to laugh too hard because it’s his fault.


rolling in the deep