Sign-ups Are Open!


You can sign up for the exchange here

The mechanics have changed a bit since last year’s exchange: 

  1. You can now request/offer one to two characters, rather than just one. Requesting two characters means you want to receive a gift focused on those two interacting (although it doesn’t specify whether this interaction should be romantic or platonic), and offering two characters means you want to create a work focusing on the two. We are running the exchange on AND matching, which means if you ask for Eponine and Cosette in the same request, someone would have to offer Eponine and Cosette in the same offer to match to you. (*Note: if we end up with a large number of initial pinch hits, I reserve the right to change to OR matching, meaning participants would only need to share one character to match)
  2. The Additional Tags section indicates whether you want to request/offer fanfic, fanart, or both. You may check one or both boxes

2016 Schedule


Nominations: Open until March 26 

Sign-Ups:March 27-April 8 

Assignments Due:June 13 

Works Revealed:June 20 

Creators Revealed:June 24

These dates are open to input and very flexible–I’ve set the end dates in particular to both avoid Barricade Day and not give participants less time than last year, but if it would be better to have an end-of-May due date, I can make that happen.

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