Creators have been revealed!


You can now post your work onto your social media! If you want, also tag it as lmwh2015 so we can reblog it onto this blog! And of course, feel free to drop a message to any of the creators complimenting their work!

We’ll be sending out a final check email soon, so stay tuned for that 😀

Yay! I’m AFK for the day, but I’ll take care of that when I get home later. ^_^


Works are up!


Remember to leave a comment on your received fanart/fanfiction. Length does not matter, but just be sure to thank and acknowledge your gifter’s hard work!

During this anonymity period, everyone is welcome to post treats to the collection. 

There is no limit on treats; if your assignment is done, you’re welcome to create any number of treats for anyone participating!

And, of course, check out the other works that have been made over the past few months!

Thank you all for your hard work!