Joly and Bossuet in the 25th anniversary (yep, they died together)

Actual Friendly Les Mis Reminder:


(or perhaps Not So Friendly, I honestly don’t know).

There was apparently a version of the show in which, during the Final Barricade, Javert is standing off to the side. Valjean walks over to him and offers him a hand. Javert accepts and Valjean pulls him up to the barricade so they can finish the Finale together. 



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I may not live to see our glory, (I may not live to see our glory)
But I will gladly join the fight (But I will gladly join the fight)
And when our children tell our story, (And when our children tell our story)
They’ll tell the story of tonight

Citizens! Saturday, 5 GMT, tear-inducing Les Mis party!


@cairamonamour, @vapaus-ystavyys-tasaarvo, @chromedfantasy and I group watched Les Misérables 10th Anniversary Concert the other day and it was such a satisfying experience. Next up:


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