wow i’m using your meta tag as evidence for my les mis essay (theme of love) and theres sO MUCH HELP I DONT HAVE TIME TO PROCRASTINATE READING ALL THIS META BUT ITS SO INTERSTING anyway yeah i already have two pages of evidence just from stuff youve reblogged to that tag so thank you :’)

i just got to the les mis 365 meta. help

just to clarify im LOVING THIS but there’s SO MUCH i want to write it all in my essay but it won’t all fit innnnnnnn  

oooooh wait i could ask you couldnt i!! what would you write about if you were doing an essay on love in les mis? if anything?

Oh wow, nonny!  That is a massive, massive undertaking, indeed!  Both going through my meta tag (since I’m definitely a meta magpie!) and writing an essay about love in Les Mis.  OOF.

I suppose the thing that I would be most interested in writing about in the theme of love in Les Miserables is the fact that there are so many different types of love that are important and it isn’t always romantic love that we’re focused on.

You have the Bishop’s love of G-d and love of the poor.

You have Valjean’s love for his family and Fantine’s for Cosette, and their willingness to sacrifice everything for them so they might live.

You have Valjean’s love of Cosette – again with that filial/familial love being key to his ultimate redemption.

You have Marius’ love of Cosette, the real first example of positive romantic love that you find (WE DON’T COUNT FANTINE AND THOLOMYES.  THOLOMYES CAN BURN.)

You have Enjolras’ patriotic love of France and freedom and Feuilly’s love of the people as a whole.  You have Courfeyrac and Bossuet’s love of their friends.

There are SO MANY different kinds of love portrayed in Les Mis and no one type is portrayed as more important than the others.  So, I guess if I were going to approach an essay on love in Les Mis, that’s probably how I’d go about it?

I’m not sure if that helps… but I hope so?  I’ll be happy to talk more about it, but I’m actually about to run off to class myself.  You can message me or come off anon if you’d like and in the meantime I’ll toss this out to my blog and see if anyone else has any input for you.  Good luck!  😀

So… anyone have any thoughts?

(ETA: And you’re welcome, BTW!  I’m glad that you’ve been finding my meta tag helpful.  ^_^)



All right all right! Looks like some folks are up for a chat tonight!
I know for me the last time I was seeing (or making ) regular posts was waaaaay back in 3.4! But I know a lot of people kept on posting some beyond that– how would people feel about talking through the rest of book 3 tonight?  

And how do people feel about maybe having the chat around 8 US CT?

(side note: the only requirement to being Brains Enough for this chat is having read the book to the point we’ve reached and having an opinion! Saying this because I’ve seen people worry, and like. Seriously. Noooo. It’s just fandoming! Joinnnn usssss 😀 )