Here’s my first contribution to @lesmisrarepairs!  I haven’t drawn any Courfeyrac/Enjolras in so long, I knew I had to do a little something for Rarepairs Week.  Pride selfies!


Les Mis Modern Aesthetic, Couples Edition: Enjolras x Feuilly

(I was starting to get skeptical that I’d have time to write a full fic for @lesmisrarepairs, so I had to at least do this for one of my favorite rare pairs.  ^_^  So… photoset and a snippet?)

“Wait.  Wait, wait, wait.  You want me to spend Thanksgiving Break at the Cape… with you.  Just… you and me.  No one else.  Did I hear that right?”

Enjolras swallowed hard against the feeling of nervous laughter doing its best to claw its way up his throat.  He’d blurted out the offer without letting it stop at his brain on the way to his mouth, without even considering how it would look from the other side of this conversation.  Feuilly was a freshman.  Enjolras was a first year law student.  They’d barely known each other three months, for all that they’d clicked as easily as Enjolras had with Combeferre four years prior—something that Enjolras hadn’t been able to say of anyone else, not even Courfeyrac.  

Enjolras had no idea what Feuilly usually did with his time at the holidays, if there was a foster family that still had enough space for him in their hearts to willingly take him in, if there were friends who’d already asked, if he even celebrated Thanksgiving, at all.  What Enjolras did know was that he, himself, had a loving family, a host of good friends, and more than his own fair share of invitations for the break… and how selfish was he to throw it all away on what must look like a whim?

Oh *gosh*, Enjolras had to say something.  Offer an explanation.  Make an excuse.  Something about Alpha-Beta-Kappa?  Maybe say that he was inviting everyone on the current board?  *Anything.*  Anything to get that look off of Feuilly’s face.  Anything to make this look less like what it must look like—a graduate student taking advantage of a freshman’s admiration, because that was what it must look like, right?

But before Enjolras even had a chance, the bemused look on Feuilly’s face eased, that small frown inverted into an even smaller smile and his entire posture softened.  Feuilly took a step closer, easing into Enjolras’ personal space as though he’d belonged there all along.  Enjolras’ breath stuttered and froze in his throat, his eyes going wide as Feuilly took his hand and entwined their fingers together.

Feuilly’s smile widened, and, as easily as that, Enjolras could breathe, again.  

“Enjolras… I’d be delighted.”

(…more to come if I have time between now and Saturday?  -.-;;;)



I roll the window down
And then begin to breathe in
The darkest country road
And the strong scent of evergreen
From the passenger seat as you are driving me home.

Feuilly/Cosette | Les Mis Rare Pair Week 2016


The darling @storiofmylife made this adorable graphic because rare pair week IS CURRENTLY UNDERWAY!!!!


Just a reminder Les Mis Rare Pairs week is starting in one week on Sunday June 26th!

For a ship to be classified as a rare pair for this week, it has to have under a hundred fics on AO3 (here’s a cheat sheet). If you want to write a platonic relationship, go for it! Just use common sense, Grantaire and Eponine are paired up all the time in fandom but when was the last time you saw Feuilly and Joly doing something together?

Anything, art, fic, photosets, headcanons, cosplay, mixes, etc, is welcome!!

Tag your work with #lesmisrarepairs and/or #lesmisrarepairsweek

It’s been a while, but… how’s about an update? ^_^

Les Mis Fandom Calendar

OK, everyone, here we go!  Looks like the calendar is filling up again, so I thought I’d start posting summary posts again.

As always, if you see anything here that is incorrect, or if you know of a week or exchange or anything that is going on that I haven’t listed, please let me know so I can get it fixed/added – thanks!  ^_^

June 2016:
13: Les Jours D’été ( @lesjoursdete ) – 11:00PM EDT: Assignments due
19-25: Fake Canon-Era History Week (mods: @shellcollector and  @pilferingapples ) – tag TBA
21: Les Jours D’été (lesjoursdete) – 2:00PM EDT: Works Revealed
26-July 2: Rare Pair Week ( @lesmisrarepairs, mod: @spearmintstardust ) – tags: #lesmisrarepairsweek and/or #lesmisrarepairs
27: Les Mis Summer Hols ( @lesmissummerhols ) – 12:00PM: Mandatory check-in
28: Les Jours D’été  (lesjoursdete) – 2:00PMEDT: Authors Revealed

July 2016:
15: Les Mis Summer Hols (lesmissummerhols) – 12:00AM: Submissions/first drafts are due
15-29: Les Mis Summer Hols (lesmissummerhols) – Pinch hit and editing period
31: Les Mis Summer Hols (lesmissummerhols) – 12:00AM: Final Submissions are due

August 2016:
3: Les Mis Summer Hols (lesmissummerhols) – 12:00AM: Works are revealed
7: Les Mis Summer Hols (lesmissummerhols) – 12:00AM: Creators are revealed

October 2016:
16-22: Feuilly Appreciation Week ( @feuillyweek ; mod: @eirenical) – tag: #feuilly weekgoing
to tentatively claim this week for Feuilly Week, since the week I ran
it last year falls right in the middle of the High Holidays this year.  -.-;;;