Prequels + awesome lightsaber duels

#the prequels were awesome#FIGHT ME#look at all this cool shit#look at the choreographic attention to rendering differences in lightsaber forms#you got soresu here and makashi and ataru and vaapad#you even got anakin doing a little jar’kai#aside from his usual form v#THIS WAS THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE JEDI OK#DUELING WAS AN ART#A MASTERPIECE OF MOTION#these dudes are legend

#actually one of my fave aspects of the prequels#was the dedication to the fight coreography#i know people have said its kinda extra#but like…did we watch the same movie series??#the jedi order in the pt are the most#extra people alive in the fuckin galaxy#goddamn anakin skywalker and his extra as hell ass#tryna do some kinda triple air flip before getting#his damn ass legs cut off#and fucckin qui gon tryna ballet roulette his way#outta the fight with darth maul#the bitchass who just had to have a double bladed saber#clearly just for the aesthetic#i love the prequels so much#lightsabers#star wars(via




guys i hope you know about this


it changes your youtube and gmail depending on what side you choose

It also changes your google maps position to a light side/dark side ship. I’m a little TIE fighter!!






So there’s this website that lets you build your own custom lightsaber.

That’s one I would build as a Jedi. You can basically customize every detail, from the pommel all the way to the color and length of the blade.

There are so many options. Want a shoto lightsaber like Yoda? Boom. Done.

Want a long-handled lightsaber with a red blade that could effectively be wielded like a spear?

It’s yours. This opens so many possibilities for creating your own characters or just being a huge geek like me.

Please feel completely free to add the ones you make.

Morgyn’s saberstaff:

With the short blades and a hilt three feet long, it suits my style of fighting, and even unlit can be used to break bones and leave deep bruises.

mamajos said:

ohgod this site is absolute porn

that’s mine, short and compact and easily concealable

I wanted to make a shiny. Went with the parts that felt best in my head when I saw them.  that’s the Jedi Way right?

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*decides to play, too*  Obi-Wan’s Cortosis Blue lightsaber, after I did so much damn filtering to get BLUE METAL:












The Ludosport Lightsaber Combat Academy


Follow Ultrafacts for more facts


They give you a lightsaber when you sign up

They hold tournaments

Like real serious tournaments with judges and crowds and prizes

You could train in this

You could make this a marketable skill and put this on your resume and when your interviewer asks if it’s a joke you can hand them a phone number to call, and then they’d verify that not only is it a real school but you studied lightsaber fighting extensively


Brb going to italy for a few months

The need to be a Jedi master has never been stronger

There is one in Singapore called The Force Academy

it is my time


Holy shit

I wonder if you can pick your colour

Seems like a much better system than kidnapping children and emotionally stunting them tbh

Holy shit that’s cool. And here; I found a video! 😀