make an aesthetic for yourself from photos you have on your phone

I haven’t done one of these in a while and I saw @takethewatch do it a few days ago and thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.  ^_^  She did 9, but I was having trouble even narrowing it to 10, so I stopped trying.  As a side note, it amuses me to no end how many of these are from my favorite arboretum.  *snerts*

(Also, if you look closely, I snuck the scarf in there that I just finished.  ^_~  It’s being washed at the moment and once it’s done blocking/drying, I’ll post real pictures.  So, sometime tomorrow, maybe?)

Anyone who would like to do it, too, feel free to @ me so I can see yours!  ^_^)


Concept: enjolras has a massive crush on Feuilly in elementary school and they kiss each othe r on the cheek under the playground on Valentine’s Day


!! I missed this the other day but oh my god

p l e a s e.

they meet as kids in elementary school when they’re paired together for a science project? they have to make a poster about the water cycle and Enjolras doesn’t know what to do (he wasn’t listening to the teacher, it’s hard to listen sometimes) but he has really nice colouring pencils? and Feuilly’s blue pencil is smaller than his little finger and it hurts everytime he uses it, and you need blue to draw the water cycle and stuff. So Enjolras offers him his pencil and Feuilly smiles at him and they ask the teacher if they can work together.

They go to Enjolras’ house to work, because Feuilly isn’t allowed to bring friends home for dinner, and they continue to be friends even after the project is done and they’ve presented it (it was so easy, it was kind of amazing, working with Enjolras made Feuilly feel more confident about speaking up in class somehow and working with Feuilly helped Enjolras focus on the task at hand rather than try to do everything at once).

The other kids find it a bit weird that they’re suddenly super best friends because they ‘obviously’ don’t fit? Enjolras isn’t quite a ‘cool kid’, he’s too quiet and reserved for that, but his clothes are always fashionable and everyone’s a little intimidated by him, while Feuilly’s the kid everyone whispers nasty things about (”his parents didn’t want him, that’s why he lives in that big house across from the school with the other problem kids”, “all his books and pencils are worn and dirty because he found them in the trash”) and no one even tries to be his friend.

then they start holding hands at recess, and kissing each other on the cheek for the first time on Valentine’s Day. they don’t call each other ‘boyfriends’, because they didn’t even use that for each other and no one asked? but they definitely like each other ahhh

(then at the end of the school year Feuilly changes school because he changes foster homes and it doesn’t go as well in his next foster home and he totally loses contact with Enjolras. They see each other again in college, though, and Feuilly recognizes Enjolras because of the familiar way he blushes when he looks at him)