no matter what kinks you enjoy in fiction, as long as you have a good sense of fiction =/= reality than you’re not a bad person and you don’t have to spill your life story to enjoy something.

you don’t have to be coping to like a scenario or pairing.

it’s a new tumblr mentality and it’s shit. humans are weird and like fucked up stuff and it doesn’t need reason

stop wanting people to spill personal details online so they can like fictional things.

Exactly this.  The world will not be any safer for anyone by doing this. Rather the reverse.



A good post, and true


Perhaps it’s my age speaking, but I’m starting to miss the way fandom used to be fifteen years ago. Mostly since back then the concepts of ‘darkfic’ and ‘don’t like, don’t read’ were properly understood and adhered to (usually). The situation with darkfics was interesting in particular, because the entire premise was that the author could write incredibly fucked-up things, with the understanding on their part that shit was indeed very messed-up and with no pretense to the contrary (what usually gets termed ‘romanticization’ these days).  

Now? You’ve got to run an entire rigmarole of explaining the difference between romanticization and just straight-up exploring a horrible dynamic in writing as, you know, a writer. And even after that, you’ll probably have to deal with the whole invasive ‘explain every trauma you might’ve gone through, so strangers who otherwise don’t care if you exist can decide if they give you Permission to use writing as a coping mechanism’ mess. Fucking hell.

I’ve said it before. Learn to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Learn to tell the difference between what someone explores on the page as a writer and what that same person believes and advocates in their day-to-day life.