I’d been meaning to make a rec list for a while, but now I’m finally getting around to it! I’ve read or started to read most of the books on this list, and I own 95% of them. If I haven’t read it, but someone has recommended it to me, I’ve included it. I know that there are books
I’ve read or have been meaning to read that aren’t on here because my memory is
shit and I never write anything down. Titles link to Goodreads.

An asterisk (*) indicates a book I haven’t read yet. A pound sign (#) indicates a book I haven’t read yet, but which others have recommended. A tilde (~) indicates a book I’m in the process of reading and would recommend up to the current point (aka “I don’t know if this book has a terrible second half, but so far it’s good”). Italics indicate a personal favorite.




Feel free to add others! 

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re: the “books” ask.

Naomi Alderman’s Disobedience is really excellent. 

Adding Nice Jewish Girls

Yentl’s Revenge: The Next Wave of Jewish Feminism, ed. Danya Ruttenberg
My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel, Ari Shavit
Jewish Renewal: A Path to Healing and Transformation, Michael Lerner

Gentlemen of the Road, Michael Chabon
The Passionate Torah: Sex and Judaism, ed. Danya Ruttenberg
Megillat Esther (graphic adaptation), J. T. Waldman
Klezmer: Tales of the Wild East, Joann Sfar

yesssss i have been dying for a list like this. also michael chabon’s the yiddish policemen’s union is not on this list but is in my tbr pile, and i’m pretty excited about it.

I have to add:

Five Books Of Miriam: A Woman’s Commentary on the Torah by Ellen Frankel

and I definitely need to look into a bunch of the books on this list.  *_*