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A lot of people have made audio posts showing how to pronounce the names of the main characters in Les Mis, Les Amis, etc. I decided to make one for the names that weren’t covered but are still likely to come up in fic or discussion.

French pronunciations (normal and syllabic) are followed by suggested anglicizations. Here’s:

1) Myriel

2) Baptistine

3) Magloire

4) Petit-Gervais

5) Fauchelevent

6) Champmathieu

7) Tholomyès

8) Bamatabois

9) Patron-Minette

10) Babet

11) Gueulemer

12) Claquesous

13) Montparnasse

14) Brujon

15) Gavroche

16) Gillenormand

Note: translations are approximate, as I’m not a native French speaker.