I kind of like the idea of and AU in which Les Mis is actually written by Marius. Like as he got older he just had an increasing amount of Feelings About Things and started obsessively researching his mysterious heroic father-in-law, as well as everybody else connected to him and Cosette.

So he traveled around the country interviewing people, looking through documents, checking locations etc. and finally wrote down his own interpretation of the events based on the things he found out or remembered. And because he’s Marius he couldn’t help but address various other things he’d become interested in (like sewers, argot, etc.) and some things he used to be interested in (Napoleon, Waterloo). He also became much more republican and much more conscious of social problems later in life so the book became increasingly about those things too.

… So I guess everything in Les Mis would be from an older Marius’s point of view in this universe. Honestly I think it might explain a lot.

“This is the story of How I Met Your Mother…. And how your grandfather stole a loaf of bread…”

Omg thank you for this addition.

courfiusette? :)


I love it!

Just think of how happy it would make Marius! and how happy Cosette and Courf would be to love him all the time and spoil him and just make sure he knows he’s loved! Courf would definitely spoil them both, and have this wonderful chemistery with Cosette. and with how different Marius and Courfeyrac are, Cosette would never ever be bored and just.

imagine them getting ice cream – they each get a different flavour and end up sharing the three. and they take walks and play tourists in their own city all the time. their entire group chat is just them sharing cute animal gifs ahhhhh

they definitely have kids too. it’s just. they all wanted it so much.

7, 19, 20 for Marius/Courfeyrac?


7. What’s
the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the

They both TOTALLY LOSE THEIR CHILL. Neither of them knows
how to deal with serious feelings; we see Marius’ disaster feelings with
Cosette in canon, and I tend to think that Courfeyrac’s breezy devil-may-care
attitude is at least partly defense again the fact that emotions are
terrifying. So both of them just turn super awkward and weird around each
other, and each one of them is so into his own awkwardness and trying to hide
everything that neither notices how weird the other is being.

19. Who
tells their family/friends about their relationship first?

doesn’t actually talk to his family, and all his friends are Courfeyrac’s
friends. Courfeyrac’s friends, however, are a bunch of busybody gossips it’s
impossible to keep anything from for long.

20.What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

doesn’t care so long as Marius doesn’t plan to marry him. He’s all for having
as many affairs as possible, even if some of them are with men. Theodule flirts
shamelessly with Courfeyrac even after finding out he’s taken, much to Marius
continual annoyance. His aunt is scandalized, but she was already perpetually scandalized by Marius’ existence so nothing much is new.

Amis as a collective entity are mildly bemused but supportive. Sure, date the
overly enthusiastic Bonapartist! We all liked him. Just please get him some
less embarrassing politics along the way.