I was going to sit down and do some writing today.  Then my mom called and got me all stressed out about a stupid thing because my response (that I didn’t know if I could do the thing she wanted me to do because I’d never done it before and have never given her any indication that it is a Thing I Do) stressed HER out and that’s clearly ALL MY FAULT because I Always Do That. 

And I opened the fic file anyway (it was FYFM chapter 19, BTW) and reread what I wrote last night and I’m sitting here thinking, “OMFG THAT IS SO OOC, WTF IS WRONG WITH ME, WHY DID I THINK THAT WAS OK TO WRITE?” and then I realized that it ISN’T OOC for how I’ve been writing these characters for the whole damned FIC, it’s just that THIS WAS AN E/R PART AND REQUITED E/R JUST READS AS SO OOC TO ME NOW AND HOW AM I EVER GOING TO FINISH THIS FIC IF I CAN’T GET MY HEAD AROUND E/R ANYMORE?


Fans of Lupita Nyong’o were psyched when she announced last year that she’d been cast as a central character in the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. But many fans were frustrated to later learn that Nyong’o wouldn’t be appearing onscreen as herself—instead she’d be voicing an entirely CGI character.

This week, Nyong’o herself shed some light on the casting. Nyong’o told Buzzfeed News that she selected the entirely CGI role, the first part she chose after winning an Oscar for role in 12 Years a Slave,  partly because she liked the idea of not having her body seen onscreen. In 12 Years a Slave, her performance was extremely physical and visceral—her character Patsey was whipped, raped, and otherwise brutally abused. “12 Years a Slave was a film that was so much about my body, and Star Wars is not at all,” Nyong’o told Buzzfeed. “There was a liberation in being able to play in a medium where my body was not the thing in question.”

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