as ur friendly Neighborhood Nursing Student™ i feel somewhat compelled to remind everyone with the hot weather:

  1. every liquid except sea water and alcohol hydrates you. It’s not CHUG WATER OR DIE. in fact, gatorade and the like are designed to hydrate you efficiently.
  2. yeah, this includes coffee and tea and soda. the diuretic is not enough to cancel out the liquid. juices and milk have solids in them, sure, but they’re also mostly liquid! it counts. 
  3. your body can only absorb so much water at a time, so chugging 64 oz of water at noon and calling it good will do a wonderful job of flushing your kidneys, but not so much of hydrating your tissues. it’s more important that you’re getting consistent fluid throughout the day. 
  4. there’s a lot of fancy ways to determine How Much Water (Liquid) I Should Drink but honestly? 8 oz (1 cup) every other hour on cool days and 8 oz every hour on hot days should be fine (assuming you sleep for a normal amount of time per day…. i’m assuming ur awake 16 hours a day.)
  5. figure out how many oz each of ur favorite cups is. it’ll help your guesstimation. 
  6. if ur urine is darker than light yellow, you’re dehydrated. 
  7. if u pinch the skin on the back of ur hand for a couple seconds and it takes more than a second or two go to back to normal then ur dehydrated. 

In regards to #1, don’t take this as an excuse to drink the sugar water that they call sports drinks. They aren’t bad for you per se, but please choose water.

actually this entire post was written in the spirit of ppl using it as an excuse to drink sports drinks and soda etc

ppl have been commenting abt sodium levels in soda and sugar levels in sports drinks and thats all well and good but what i’ve noticed is that people who internalize “well, ONLY WATER hydrates me” but who HATE WATER remain horrifically dehydrated cause they dont drink anything. 

so like. if ur a person who haaaaates tap water, this is absolutely me giving you permission to drink whatever fluid you can stomach. please take this as a direct excuse to drink nothing but gatorade if that’s what it takes to get enough fluid into ur body.

it’s not the healthiest for you, sure, but you’re a smart enough person to know that. please drink fluids anyways. 

if u like water thats gr8. if you can stomach water that’s gr8. if you can’t, that’s okay too, and you need to stay hydrated just as much as anyone else, so please drink. 




 I request permission to go after him. 

 Jim, you’re not actually going after this guy, are you? 

#seriously bones’s hand placement is killing me   #it’s so deliberate   #like he’s had three years to perfect the art of keeping jim still for two seconds in the most efficient way possible   #hand wedged under his arm strategically thumb ready to attack a pressure point that made jim yelp the first time  #except now jim’s like conditioned   #bones barely has to touch him and jim just stops and leans into it  #i hate this

I, too, wish to draw attention to the hold McCoy has on Jim in that top right hand gif there, but not from any ship-related reasons. That, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of med win

You’re right, previous tagger, that’s the best place to hold Jim to get him to be still. It’s how you hold anyone who isn’t steady on their feet, or needs guidance, or that you as a medical person (be it doctor or nurse) need to control the movements of just a little bit. If you’re standing in front of them and you need to give them some support or exert some control over their movements, that is exactly how you hold a patient so that you can do that without hurting them. 

Normally whenever anything or anyone medical is involved in a show or film, there are inevitably horrendous inaccuracies that really ruin it for me. But this? This is a tiny detail, the tiniest of tiny details, and knowingly or not it is one hundred percent accurate, and I want to give Karl a medal for it. 












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Omg I need this!!!!!


This is just a compact TENS unit.

You can get decent, compact, TENS units on Amazon much cheaper than they’re asking here. Sure it might not be cute, but it’s cheap and honestly the cute factor is just an excuse to slap the pink tax on.

It is so important to me that you guys know this is just a TENS unit. Don’t go paying twice or three times the amount just because its little blue and has purple flowers. Like you can slap some flowers on your electrode pads if you need to. 


Yeah, this is a TENS unit. Amazon actually sells one for less than $30 USD and it has a lot more functionality than this one does. (and holy fuck is it strong. like, surprisingly so)

But as for the treatment, GO FOR IT. TENS therapy is so strangely unknown for chronic pain. If you can tolerate the weird electric feeling, then it’s really quite amazing.

Sorry but flowers, pastel colors and “lady parts” are a big no for me. Reblogging for the info on cheaper options.

Some people like pastels and flowers. Some don’t. But I absolutely am reblogging for cheaper options.

Cheaper product and no cissexism? That sounds better to me.

I actually didn’t realize tens units retail so cheaply. They’re completely amazing and are one of the few things that actually help my pain.

I guess that’s one more item on the list of “things to buy eventually when the numbers work out”.



Can we stop pretending this is okay?

19 yr old Boy: I’m scared of having children can I get a vasectomy?
Society: Yeah! Its so easy to get one too!

19 yr old Girl: I legitimately suffer from bad mental health issues that could kill me if i was ever forced to bear a child because I’d have to go off my medication for 9 months, I have a physical disability that I do not want to pass on, and I have bleeding disorders that often put my life in jeopardy. Can I get a hysterectomy?

I’m seriously fucking sick of seeing this attitude, and especially from other women too. Even on support forums for women who want or have had hysterectomies, they scold young women and feed them the fucking disgusting “You’ll change your mind, you must accept your duty as a walking incubator” bullshit. I’m tired of being quiet about this shit, I’m honestly fucking furious about this and I want it to be addressed by our society NOW.

As some of our own followers have shared, this isnt just something prevalent in random citizens. Actual doctors will refuse to do these types of procedures on adult women/those able to bear children for these same reasons.

When I was twenty-one, I had my tonsils removed. I was one of those people who got strep throat every few minutes, and my doctor finally decided that I needed to have my tonsils taken out. For the entire week afterward, swallowing hurt so much that I could barely open my mouth for a straw. I had a prescription for painkillers, though, and when they ran out but the pain hadn’t, I called the nurse and said that she would really need to send another prescription over, and maybe a little mixed grill of drugs because I was also feeling somewhat anxious. But she wouldn’t. I asked to speak to her supervisor. She told me her supervisor was at lunch and that I needed to buy some gum, of all things, and to chew it vigorously—the thought of which made me clutch at my throat. She explained that when we have a wound in our body, the nearby muscles cramp around it to protect it from any more violation and from infection, and that I would need to use these muscles if I wanted them to relax again. So finally my best friend Pammy went out and bought me some gum, and I began to chew it, with great hostility and skepticism. The first bites caused a ripping sensation in the back of my throat, but within minutes all the pain was gone, permanently. I think that something similar happens with our psychic muscles. They cramp around our wounds—the pain from our childhood, the losses and disappointments of adulthood, the humiliations suffered in both—to keep us from getting hurt in the same place again, to keep foreign substances out. So those wounds never have a chance to heal. Perfectionism is one way our muscles cramp. In some cases we don’t even know that the wounds and the cramping are there, but both limit us. They keep us moving and writing in tight, worried ways. They keep us standing back or backing away from life, keep us from experiencing life in a naked and immediate way.

Anne Lamott, “Perfectionism,” Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life (via pigmenting)

what you need to do if i have a convulsive seizure




I was just complaining to my friend that my oldest sister didn’t know what to do the last time I had a convulsive seizure, and I ended up injured because of it. And my friend said that actually, they don’t know what to do when they see someone have a convulsive seizure, either.

So I thought I’d explain it to you.  I’m not a doctor, and I have no medical training and not everything here will apply to everyone who has convulsive seizures, these are just the things that apply to me, and when in doubt, call an ambulance. 

Here’s what you do:

Look around. Am I lying in the middle of a busy street or on the railroad tracks, or somewhere else dangerous, like in the bathtub? If yes, drag me to somewhere where I am not in imminent danger of being hit by a truck or drowning. 

Am I somewhere safe, but lying near dangerous things like fire or knives or broken glass or pans of boiling water or anything that can hurt me? Move the dangerous things away from me.

My body will be convulsing. That means my head and my arms and my legs are rapidly hitting the ground. Put something soft underneath my head. If there’s a cushion right there, perfect. If not, wad up your coat or shove your shopping bag under my head. If there’s nothing immediately to hand that would take you more than a few seconds to grab, stick your feet underneath my head, it’ll work.

Am I wearing anything around my neck, like a tight collar, or a necktie, or a choker? Loosen it, so my airway is clear.

Don’t restrict my movements – don’t try to hold my arms and legs down. You’ve already moved all the dangerous things away from me, and cushioned my head, so don’t hold me down, unless it is necessary to keep me from doing serious harm.

Don’t put anything in my mouth. A lot of people think you need to stick your fingers or a spoon or something into the person’s mouth to prevent them choking on their tongue.  Don’t do this. 

Try to make a note of the time the seizure first started. If the seizure lasts for longer than five minutes, call an ambulance.

When the convulsing/jerking has stopped, roll me onto my side. If you know what the recovery position is, put me in the recovery position, if you don’t, just roll me onto my side, and check my airway. If I’m not breathing, or I’m having trouble breathing, call an ambulance.

It seems to be instinctive to help someone get back to their feet as soon as the seizure is over. Don’t do this with me. After a seizure, I’m in something called a post-ictal state. It makes me very, very confused, and lying on the ground or sitting somewhere soft is the safest place for me. If you pull me to my feet while I’m still this confused, I will walk directly into traffic or put my hand on a hot stove because I won’t know where I am, or what’s happening, and often I won’t be able to see at all for a few minutes. Keep me somewhere safe until I’ve fully recovered.

If I have another seizure before I’ve fully recovered from the earlier one, call an ambulance.

If you think I might be hurt, or you’re confused or not sure about what to do, call an ambulance.

That’s all there is to it. Make sure I’m not in immediate physical danger; cushion my head (but don’t restrain it); when the jerking stops, roll me onto my side and check my airway; keep me somewhere safe until I’m fully recovered, and if the seizure lasts a long time, or I have a second one, or you aren’t sure what to do or you think I might be hurt, call an ambulance. That’s it. It’s not hard, and I promise you can do this.

The last time I had a convulsive seizure in public, somebody held my arms down and both shoulders dislocated

Also it’s a myth that peope can swallow their tongues

Stuff that may happen on your period no one told you about.















So there was a lot of misinformation, and just a huge lack of the nitty gritty stuff, when I was in school and I see a lot of young kids on forums asking if something is normal or worrying about stuff and adults who have wondered their whole lives if other people feel the same on their periods. 

Here’s some stuff about periods people might not talk about;

  • It can smell. But using scented pads isn’t a great idea, the chemicals in the perfume cause irritation. But here’s the thing; vaginas smell. All of them. All the time. Right now. YOU notice the smell because it’s literally part of you, but other people don’t. If it’s a foul smell and very strong you should speak with a gynecologist, but the average day-to-day odor is normal and doesn’t mean you’re dirty. 
  • Diarrhea all day every day.
  •  Or, alternately, constipation all day every day. 
  • ALSO alternatively, a healthy mix of both sprinkled randomly across the days of your period like too much nutmeg where no one asked nutmeg to be. 
  • Your first period might not look like a period at first. It might look, well, brown, and lead you to other conclusions about what’s going on in your skivvies. Then it might not come again the next month and show up on a totally different week when it does. Mine came like A LOT. It was very heavy and I bled through a pair of jeans in the middle of school it was so heavy. I didn’t know what it was and thought I was bleeding from my butt because my liar teacher said a period would only be a ‘tablespoon’. Tablespoon of lies. 
  • At some point your probably going to stain the back of the toilet seat with blood. That doesn’t mean your bleeding too much, or that your dirty, but it’s a tid bit of information I wish I knew as a kid so I could have known to look for it when using public restrooms or at friend’s houses. 
  • Period farts. 
  • Having sex on your period isn’t gross or dirty or wrong. Put an old towel down on the bed and have at it.
  • The feelings you have on your period are entirely valid and not imagined or unimportant because of your period. Whether or not your feelings are heightened by PMS they are still your feelings and should be respected. 
  • The ‘average’ period is anywhere from 3-10 days with any variation in flow. You shouldn’t be concerned because your period isn’t the same as your friends is, only if it changes from what’s average for you. There isn’t such a thing as a ‘normal period’ you need to fit into.
  • If you wear a disposable pad there will be a point where it’s going to unstick at some corner and when you pull it off it’s going to pull some of your pubic hair with it. This is going to suck. I am very sorry. 
  • If you wear a tampon there is going to be a point you will squeeze it out of yourself when you use the bathroom. Just change your tampon each time you go. Please listen to me on this. 
  • Swamp butt.
  • You will get blood stained thighs at some point. It’s going to cake onto your skin and make a mess just everywhere. 
  • The cashier doesn’t care about you buying pads/tampons/etc, they just had a guy buy 4 pounds of carrots, a box of Xtra Large ribbed condoms and cherry scented lube. Your pads are not on their radar of things to care about.

Washing Your Junk:

  1. When you shower (if you want a bath i’d shower before hand or dont wash in the bath itself and shower after to get clean) remember you are not actually washing inside of your vagina, you’re washing the skin around it (labia, clitoris, all those good bits). Using a soft wash cloth with either very mild unscented soap or just warm water.  Seriously, stop putting washing products inside yourself; You do not need to wash the inside of your vagina and doing so can cause infections. Unless given products by your doctor there is no need to douche or use creams or wipes or other stuff like that. They’re lies sold to you to make you think you smell bad. 
  2.  You know how your parents said ‘wipe front to back’?Same with washing, you don’t want to drag butt germs all over your vagina. Don’t do it. 
  3. Some people find that trimming, or shaving, their pubic hair helps them control odor, or makes wearing sanitary products more comfortable, but it isn’t required and is personal preference with different individuals. There is no health benefit to shaving or trimming your pubic hair and it will not make you cleaner than if you didn’t shave. 
  4. Wearing light breathable cotton undies during your period will help eliminate odor and not give you swamp butt. Especially in the summer. 
  5. Washing after sex is a great idea and not just because it’s romantic. If you’ve ever had period sex before you will k n o w but if you have not I am going to just ask you to take my word for it and plan a shower afterwards. 

Feel free to tack on other stuff if you want. Tell me all your period secrets. 

Also: keep in mind that what’s coming out isn’t just blood. It’s also uterine lining. It’s not going to smell like blood and it’s common, especially when it’s heavy, that there will be clots and chunks. These are normal. 

You should NOT be experiencing debilitating pain. Cramping, bloating, and general discomfort are expected but shouldn’t be severe. If your period is causing you nausea or vomiting, dizziness, fainting spells, blacking out, or any other severe symptoms that interfere with your day to day life PLEASE reach out to a doctor. 

I think @rattlecat made an awesome post about Always infinity pads being way better than regular pads for anyone that suffers heavy flows or prefers pads to other period methods

Pads have the curse of feeling like you are wearing a diaper so this may help people that cannot use anything but pads

(I’m on mobile or I’d find it and link directly. Sorry!)

I am a fan of ‘U by Kotex’ and the ever famous Always Infinity, both of which are often on the cheaper end of the price range and frequently on sale.  I have never had an issue bleeding through either and even during times I’ve been unable to change them for way too long (dont judge me it was a road trip) the pad stayed in place the whole time. 

On a side note, you can find free samples from just about any pad/tampon company website. I got a pad, tampon, and panty liner trial pack (all in one pack!) from Kotex that I keep in the glove box. 

If you’re one of the people that needs to reach out to a doctor, be warned that they may not believe you, especially if you’re under 20. (The number of times I’ve been told I’m overreacting or that it’s normal for things to be “weird” in the first few years of periods or that I’m making stuff up is alarmingly high – I still don’t know what’s going on because of it, and I’ve been trying for years.) Be prepared to fight for it. Find a gynecologist if your default doctor won’t listen to you. Just find out what’s going on and do what you need to to help improve things.

I want to put it out there for young people who may not be used to making their own doctor appointments; you do not need to be referred by your primary physician to make an appointment with a specialist like a gynecologist. You don’t need to do anything other than make the appointment, your primary doesn’t have to be part of that process if you don’t trust them or they aren’t helping you.

If you _don’t_ get your period regularly, or if you get it 4-6 times a year only, see a doctor – you may have an endocrin disorder. Also you can try period panties or menstrual cups – find a solution that works for you!

Adding to this because I nearly died: If you go a long time without having a period, say like, 6 months, IMMEDIATELY go see a doctor. If the lining of your uterus doesn’t shed and just sits there, it cause be a precursor for uterine cancer. Everybody thinks that going to see a OBGYN is super icky and gross but you know what, it literally saved my life.

And my OBGYN, after letting me tell my story and freaking out, said, “okay, this may seem like it’s weird to you, but I literally see this every day.”

Also, if you have any of the above problems, especially pain, and your doctor tries to dismiss them as “lady troubles” and tells you to take paracetomol or painkillers and deal with it, don’t let them overrule and dismiss you you. If it’s that bad, kick up a fuss and make them listen. Take a list of symptoms. Keep a diary of incidents. Make sure they know exactly how bad it is and when. Make it so they won’t try and dismiss it as just period pain.

Wash your hands before inserting tampons/cleaning up/etc as well as after. This probably isn’t a problem for people but I’m forgetful about washing before and I just think it’s important, especially when you’re at work or school or just generally can’t remember where your hands have been since you previously washed them

Be sure to remember that you should never leave a tampon in for more than 8 hours, less if it’s a high-absorbency tampon. Vaginas have a lot of resident bacteria that, under normal circumstances, keeps it healthy and happy, but when you have what is essentially a big reservoir of blood and tissue just sitting there, that bacteria (specifically Staphylococcus aureus) starts to proliferate (breed out of control) and creates infections that can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome. If you think it’s impossible to forget you have a tampon in, believe me, it’s not (especially when the string gets “lost”). If you have memory problems, or are just really busy and distracted, it can happen. Using reminders on your phone that go off every few hours can be really helpful in making sure you change your tampon regularly. 

Hormonal contraception can make periods irregular, and can even stop periods. It can also ease cramps and lessen flow if you feel your flow is too heavy and interferes with life. 

You might become anemic when you start your periods. Pay attention to signs of anemia (light headedness and dizzyness for example), and make sure you eat well, including protein. 

Related to eating: an eating disorder can also stop your period. So can stress. And like, I know, when your period mysteriously stops, it’s like a gift from the goddess. But it really should be taken seriously. Tell a doctor. 

I used to get super, super dry for like a week after my period because tampons absorb EVERYTHING (and we are talking DRY, like too-dry-for-sex-the-lube-it-stings-ow-why-does-this-tampon-HURT dry) but I felt like I didn’t have other choices because my period was too heavy for pads and anything other than the super absorbency tampons for the first three-four days of my period would just squirt out so it was just like big tampons all the goddamned time. But for real if that sounds familiar try a menstrual cup – I have a heavy flow so I empty it every 4-6 hours which leaves me with a very small amount of leakage, I don’t have to worry about the damn thing working its way out, it’s super easy to clean, my periods are actually shorter (three to four days for the WHOLE THING now as opposed to six or seven) AND MY VAGINA IS SO HAPPY <3<3 it’s not dry after my period anymore and extra bonus points a reusable menstrual cup is cheaper than buying literally any other method (~$45 and should last at least 5 years) and produces basically no waste (one shipping box, basically). Like I didn’t want to be one of those folks who got a menstrual cup and then had to start telling everyone how great the menstrual cup is but, everyone, listen, it’s so great.

Also just go out and buy yourself a 5-pack of black underwear right now, there’s always going to be leakage and spotting and staining and if you just wear black undies on your period the stains won’t bother you as much.

OTOH, I used menstrual cups for a few years and then realized that for some reason on my particular body they made cramps much worse.  So I can sometimes use them later in my period but not in the first couple days when things are heaviest and most cramped. 

I’ve been told I have a tilted uterus, and this apparently sometimes happens to folks who have that.


The future of prosthetics is incredibly stylish 

It used to be that prosthetic limbs and style had little to do with one another. Prosthetic limbs have typically had as much style as
orthopedic shoes, sheathed in beige fabric to cover the metal and
plastic parts within. They lacked originality, they lacked flair and they certainly didn’t reflect the wearer’s personality. Now, that couldn’t further from the truth.

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The 5 Things A Massage Therapist Will Probably Tell You To Do In Order To Stop Hurting



Caveat: I’ve only been a massage therapist for about 7 months. But I’ve noticed that lots of people come in with the same issues, and I wind up giving the same stretches and exercises as “homework.” So I thought, why not tell everyone? Here they are:

1. “Shoulderblade kisses” aka scapula retraction exercise.


You know that spot between your shoulderblades that gets tense all the time? Well, it’s not actually tense: it’s stretched. Those are your rhomboids and the pain they experience is the price we pay for using a computer, studying, driving a car, texting, and any other activity that involves our arms being out in front of us. That position brings our shoulders and our shoulderblades forward into protraction. That stretches out the rhomboids and causes them to tense up in an effort to counteract our slump.

What do? Take your arms out to the sides, Jesus-style. Now bend your elbows and try to bring them behind your back. Your forearms should still be out to the sides. You’ll kind of look like you’re trying to pick a fight with someone. Do 25 of these and you should be able to feel those rhomboids getting stronger, pulling your shoulders back where they should be.

2. “Write the alphabet with your nose” aka neck exercises.

Stiff neck? Tension headaches? You might be tempted to stretch. Don’t. Necks are super-prone to adhesions and trigger points, both of which can actually get worse if you stretch without warming up the muscles first. Next time you wake up with neck pain, try exercising it instead of stretching.

What do? My favorite is the alphabet exercise, in which you pretend the tip of your nose is a pencil and write the alphabet with it. Start off small with A and get bigger until the Z is huge. That takes your neck through a lot of different motions.

3. “Play superman” aka back extension exercises.


Hand-in-hand with the shoulder slump is the back curve. This usually presents as pain in the mid-back on either or both sides of the spine, in what’s called the erector spinae group (or ESGs in massage lingo). True to their Latin, the ESGs hold us upright—but when we’re slumping forward all the time they, like the rhomboids, get stretched out and weakened. Then when we go to lift something too heavy and bend over instead of using our legs, we get that eeeeeeak feeling in our back that is the ESGs informing us that this shit is not on.

What do? Lie on your front with your arms out to the sides. The picture above is kind of advanced: feel free to not have your arms out so far above your head, I only have my arms at a ninety-degree angle with my shoulders, frankly. Start off with maybe 20 reps of that motion and work your way up to 50 and arms straight out. Don’t overwork the muscles, but get them going.

4. “Cobra pose” aka psoas stretch.


You ever get that pain in your low back from sitting in a chair for a long time? That’s your psoas being a bitch. This stretch is a natural transition from the superman exercises. Really, it stretches a whole lot of things that need it, but especially the psoas muscles. The psoas attaches to the fronts of the vertebrae in the small of your back and run down through the pelvis to end up on the insides of your legs. It’s a waist flexor, which means that all that time you spend sitting down is teaching it to be short. Then when you go to stand up, it wants to STAY short instead of stretching, and the result is a sharp, powerful tug on your lumbar vertebrae and a helluva lot of low back pain.

What do? Lie on your front and rise up onto your elbows. You should feel a stretch in your abdomen. If you don’t, go up further onto your hands. If you still don’t, do this shit. Then get the fuck away from me. Jesus, what’s wrong with you? Do you not have a spine?

5. “Foam rolling your IT band” aka WHY GOD WHY DOES IT HURT??


I don’t know who made that picture but it is 100% accurate. See, there’s this swath of connective tissue (think tendons and ligaments) that runs down the sides of your thighs from your hips to your knees, called the Iliotibial Band, or IT band or ITB for short. The ITB, being sticky-wicky connective tissue, loves to get tangled up in everything around it, which is primarily the hamstrings and the quads. The adhesions that form along the whole length of the ITB prevent both these muscles groups from relaxing, and leads to all sorts of painful things, from torn hamstrings to kneecaps getting out of alignment and wearing down cartilage (thus necessitating knee replacements) to hip issues (gluteus maximus aka “the butt” feeds into the ITB). Basically it wants to fuck up your entire lower body.

What do? Well, if you’ve got a high pain threshold like the lady with the rictus grin in the picture, you can buy a foam roller and plop down on it like she is, then roll back and forth to your heart’s screaming, agonized content. If, however, your IT band is as sensitive as most people’s, I recommend getting a hard plastic water bottle (one that won’t crack and has a tight lid!!), filling it up with warm water, and using that instead. You can either assume the same position as above, or simply sit in a chair and rub it up and down your legs from hip to knee. Do it for about five minutes each day and that will relax the IT band as well as loosen the adhesions to the hamstrings and quadricep muscles. Stretch both those muscles afterwards for maximum benefit!

Again: caveat. I am by no means an expert at this. These are just the things that I’ve found to be most helpful for my clients. I take no responsibility if you injure yourselves actually doing these things, and especially no responsibility if you actually decide to foam roll your IT band. Seriously, that shit hurts.

Cannot stress enough the IT band thing. I’ve had problems stemming from it, a lot of people I know have had problems from it, and like it’s pointed out here, it can fuck your shit up everywhere—knees, hips, glutes, low back. My friend Holly and I have a running joke that anything can be fixed by rolling your IT band, and it isn’t that far from the truth.

I’m a hardcore foam roller, but another more gentle option, kind of an upgrade from the water bottle mentioned above, is The Stick. I’ve got one that I use when I travel, and I recently used it a lot when I couldn’t foam roll due to post-op physical limitations.

IT band work can definitely be painful, especially at first, but it gets better over time. The first time I used my foam roller after my surgery, it hurt way more than usual, because The Stick is good, but doesn’t get in there the same way, and I had regressed a little. But the next night it already hurt less, and within a few days it was back to what I consider the usual level of discomfort that means it’s working, which is tolerable.

And don’t be afraid to keep it short. Maybe you can only make one pass, and have to stop. That’s fine! Do that for a while, and then maybe you’ll be able to do two, then three, etc. You don’t need to jump in the deep end.

is there any food you can order or make that won’t make you sick? ❤

Not really. It’s not the type of food that’s the problem it’s the fact that I seem to need 4-5 hours to digest before I lay down to go to sleep. I can eat like… little snacks and things after 9 without a problem, but little snacks aren’t ever enough. So I end up eating more in “little snacks” than I would have in a real meal and end up with the same problem. This falls under the category of “things I really should see a gastroenterologist about” but they’re just going to tell me it’s acid reflex and try to put me on acid reducers and being put on acid reducers when I didn’t need them was what STARTED this whole mess to begin with. UGH. I mean, I always needed time to digest after eating before laying down, but two hours used to do it. I never needed FIVE. 😛