I’m at the pop up globe watching twelfth night and I kid u not the fool basically just went ‘anyway here’s wonderwall’ and is actually fucking playing it with all the audience singing along???? And all i can think is how happy shakespeare would be that his play is being upstaged by a fucking meme

If music be the food of love, play on




“Reports from French missionaries to Siam and Indochina in the seventeenth century are sometimes barely distinguishable from the reports sent by agents of Colbert’s East India company, but in the course of the rites controversy, the French Jesuits in China produced a vast literature to communicate to Europe their idealized image of China.”

…this game is way less fun when you’re in grad school.

Nearest book to me is the one I’m currently reading on my kindle…

“Through the spinal column of the neck was the only way to put them down permanently and quickly.”

…surprisingly apt? ;D

Haven’t done this in a while, but was browsing my books tag and…

“Whether it was true that mass murderers started out as agreeable little boys, the way those TV tabloid interviews with neighbors tended to indicate.”

…I got nothing.  XD



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