on the Thenardier women and cultural narratives



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Aaah I’m so glad I got to find this again;  it’s still one of the best pieces on Eponine, Azelma, their mom, and what might be going on with those “silly romances”  I’ve ever come across. Very recommended for anyone interested in more of the cultural context around Eponine and her family! 
(standard Thenardier Family warnings apply: discussion of abuse, sexism, etc.) 




The Thenardiers, in all their horrible glory! Designs are sorta based on the film versions.

I am really just adoring the way you drew her outfit?!? It’s so striking!  I love the quilt-panel look and the little flowers. 


Rose Laurens (Fantine), Fabienne Guyon (Cosette), Marianne Mille (Eponine) and Marie-France Roussel (Mme Thénardier), Les misérables original Paris stage cast, 1980