Les Amis de l’ABC from Les Misérables 1982

I don’t usually post these without subtitles but I’m making an exception. I really really do love this scene but I just can’t subtitle it. I can make out some of it but not enough to justify subtitles. It’s just SO WINDY. WHY? I’m terrible with background noise. If there’s any noise in the background I have so much trouble hearing what people say even in my native language, not to mention French.

So I’ll just put what I managed to get here below: (if anybody can help, I’d be really glad (I want to know what they say too!))

Courfeyrac: Messieurs, my friend Marius Pontmercy.

Marius: Hello!

Courfeyrac: This is Enjolras.

Enjolras: ((I don’t know what he says, sorry.))

Courfeyrac: Combeferre!

Combeferre: At your service! If you are a friend of liberty we can accomplish great things together ((I think this is what he says))

Courfeyrac: Lesgle! We call him Bossuet!

Lesgle: All because I sign “Lègle de Meaux”. ((And the rest I can’t tell. I think he might be saying something about his bad luck?))

Courfeyrac: Bahorel!

Bahorel: Greetings, friend! My motto: 

Everybody: “NEVER A LAWYER!”

Bahorel: That’s why you’ll never see me at the faculty of law!

Marius: Are you registered there?

Bahorel: In theory! Only in theory!

Courfeyrac: And here is Grantaire.

Grantaire: Among all these idealists I’m the only one who doesn’t believe in anything.

Courfeyrac: Oh no, don’t listen to him. He believes in Enjolras ((and I can’t make out the rest))

Grantaire: De Courfeyrac!

Courfeyrac: No, not DE Courfeyrac! I abandoned the particle, when I lost my illusions!

Enjolras: ((Something about a secret society? Idk.)) Les Amis de l’ABC!

Marius: It’s a secret society?

Enjolras: Half-secret. Because the police don’t take us seriously yet ((or something like that?? and then something I didn’t catch))

Enjolras: We used to be the France of the Rights of Man! We taught Man liberty! In Berlin, in Naples, Madrid, men cried while singing The Marsellaise. ((I think? Not sure about the last line.))

Combeferre: Bravo!

Enjolras: Happiness was a new idea in Europe.

Courfeyrac: Thank you, Saint-Just!

Enjolras: Our fathers inscribed on the monuments: “Liberty or death!” Let us prefer the tomb to servitude! The moment approaches. We will chase out Louis-Philippe, we will proclaim the Republic! The Republic will take care of those who suffer, those who are hungry, in a word the miserable! We don’t want any more people to be miserable!

(I took some artistic licence with the last line. Literally translated it sounded weird in English.

Also yes, Title Drop. 😀 Well done, Enjolras.)

Yes, there are only six of them. This is way too typical in adaptations, unfortunately. Although amazingly enough Bahorel made it in! But no Feuilly, Prouvaire or Joly. 😦

Seriously though, if you have corrections or additions, please let me know!

Enjolras : “Alors, tu voudrais être l’un des notres ?” (”So, you’d like to be one of us?” wait no. that doesn’t mean the same thing right? More like. “So, you’d like to be part of our group?”)

Bossuet : “Ah, méfie-toi, il ne m’arrive jamais rien de bon” (”ah, be careful, nothing good ever happens to me”)

Courfeyrac : “Il croit à Enjolras, c’est déjà pas si mal” (He believes in Enjolras, it’s already something / It’s not that bad / i don’t know how to translate ALL MY FEELINGS) 

Enjolras : (okay, that’s really hard to hear). Parce que les partis … quelque chose… Il appartient aux societés secrètes d’être irréductibles! (irréductible? is weird. does Enjolras wants to be an irreductible gaulois. who am i kidding of course he would. ANYWAY) (”Since the parties don’t something, secret societies have to be irreducible/inveterate) 

 i’ve forgotten how much i liked that scene, to be honest. It’s so sad the rest of les amis didn’t make it. That last speech of Enjolras is just – really good? And everybody being so cheerfully into the revolution and in favor of change! Anyway, hope that helps?

I think that last Enjolras line is: 

“Parce que les partis sous Louis-Philippe acceptent de transiger…” (Since parties under Louis-Philppe accept to compromise…)

Ohhh! THANK YOU TOO! That’s great! 😀 Maybe I should actually subtitle it now. Or not now but maybe tomorrow when I have time.