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“Sons of Adventure,” performed by Aaron Tveit & Zachary Prince (from the forthcoming An American Victory studio cast album)


Jason and Joe are the cutest cuties to ever be cute and I hate them and their perfect perfect love. 






Sometimes I just start singing and my mom joins in


#don’t trust this
#they’re probably sirens

That, my friends, is the O Magnum Mysterium by Tomás Luis de Victoria. I would love to live in a house where people just casually sing music like this

No. These people are, in fact, sirens.

an updated collection of aaron tveit covering songs and not changing pronouns


  • Take Me or Leave Me from Rent; Aaron as Maureen (and Gavin Creel as Joanne) — “this diva needs her stage” “don’t you want your girl hot” etc
  • As Long As He Needs Me from Oliver; Aaron as Nancy — tw: the song is from the point of view of a woman in an abusive relationship
  • Popular from Wicked; Aaron as Galinda— “Now that I’ve chosen to become a pal, a sister, and adviser”
  • Back to Before from Ragtime; Aaron as Mother — “I was your wife”
  • Fly, Fly Away from Catch Me If You Can; Aaron as Brenda — “He was just a lonely little boy to me / with his sweet and gentle touch he sure unlocked my soul”
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together — “So anyway, like, the other day he calls me up, right? He’s like ‘I still love you’”


y’all are going to have to put up with my enthusiasm about Georgian polyphony for a hot second, because this is AMAZING. The yodel descant here (which I believe is what’s called krimanchuli) is so incredible. The intensity of the sound that comes out of these women!