King Brahmwell and Elmont, feat. Jack and Isabelle’s hands; Jack the Giant Slayer

I’m telling you.  The looks these two share will be the absolute end of me.  They are such proud, happy parents in this scene.  It’s ridiculous.  It really is.  And I love it.  And I may be on this ship alone, but damn it, I’m determined to enjoy the ride.  ;D

King Brahmwell and Elmont; Jack the Giant Slayer

Right… so, if you’d asked me what I did tonight, I’d have to admit that I spent several hours splicing together the Brahmwell and Elmont scenes from the final battle of Jack the Giant Slayer.  I would then further have to admit that I’d made gifsets for at least one of the moments that made me ship them.

So, uh… please don’t ask me?  -.-;;;



What’s the sound of one mind breaking?

This scene.  Holy oh my goodness, this scene.  This may have been the scene which single-handedly got me shipping these two.


UG, and they both act the fuck outta it, too <3333

(I shipped them pretty much from their first scene, tbh, though that was partly because I was in a very “Kiefer-shippy” mood the first time I watched this. Nelson’s little “I don’t wanna be alone right now” moment hurt so goood. Then following up with this scene completely flooded my basement.)

I knooooooooooow.  UGH, THIS SCENE.

(Also… huh.  I should really remake these gifsets now that tumblr allows larger gif sizes.  These are super grainy.  O_o;;;)