a list of things cosette likes:

  • fancy coloring books and gel pens
  • watching vlogs from her favorite youtubers
  • family traditions with valjean
  • introducing marius, who never had any traditions with his grandfather, to all of her favorite traditions with her papa
  • visiting the ocean, leaving her shoes behind, and running through the sand because it’s too hot beneath her toes to stay in one place for longer than a second
  • shopping with her friends
  • meeting marius’ friends and making them her friends, too
  • eating jellybeans
  • talking joly out for tea
  • wearing rain boots, even if it isn’t raining out
  • going “camping” in the living room on winter nights, complete with sleeping bags and disney movies and a fire in the fireplace
  • midnight movie premiers
  • taking photos
  • journaling
  • saying hello to dogs on the street

i don’t know if you specifically want hogwarts au headcanons, but! bossuet is late for class all the time because the moving staircases always wait until he’s standing on them before they move, so he either has to wait until they move back or take another route to the classroom. it happens so frequently that the professors don’t even bother to tell him off when he comes into class fifteen minutes late.


oh my god, though. Hogwarts’ shifting floorplan is the perfect metaphor for Bossuet’s luck in general, though. It’s completly out of his control and messes up all of his plans (by age 15, he’s decided plans just weren’t for him and now dutifully avoids making plans as much as possible). 

He carries a muggle romance novel with him at all times. he once was stuck for over five hours in a little corner with the portrait of a sad, lonely old woman, and he read aloud to her to pass the time for them both. ❤