Enjolras and Feuilly aren’t Disney guys but by the end of Newsies they are sobbing and holding each other.


Here’s the story of our Cowboy Bale 


: Did playing a fake
cowboy in NEWSIES prepare you in any way for 3:10 TO YUMA. Did you draw from
that experience? 

Christian Bale: (laughs) I drew nothing from
it, except for the quite annoying fact that when I first arrived in Sante Fe, I
could not get the song from NEWSIES [“Sante Fe”] out of my mind. Every time
somebody said ‘Sante Fe’…if you’re familiar with NEWSIES, there’s a song, and it
would just go on through my head. And, it hadn’t been in my head for, whatever
it is, 16 years or something like that. Dammit, if every time I saw a sign, a
road sign or somebody mentioned it…and it took a good month or so for that to

And, you just had to belt it out right there? 

Christian Bale:

Oh, no. I
definitely kept that inside. I wasn’t going to let anybody know about it there. 


But, it added to your character’s torment, I’m guessing. 

Christian Bale:

That’s actually
what his conflict is. (laughs) 

(taken from an interview published on 

Aug. 30, 2007 in http://www.aintitcool.com/)