Right.  So.  Tomorrow’s my first day teaching my methods class in like… 3 years.  And I have to be there at 9.  Which is that lovely awkward time which will mean I need to leave my house an hour earlier than I should have to.  But let’s face it.  I’m not going to end up sleeping anyway.

…but on the off chance that I CAN, I should head to bed and start trying.  -.-;;;


OK. I have a REALLY long day tomorrow.  I’m subbing from 8-3:30.  Then I have class from 4:30 to 6:20, then rehearsal for chorale from 7:00 to 9:45.  (7:30, really, but they announced a last minute soprano/alto sectional.  UGH.  Of course, because I’m over a half hour away and there’s no way I’ll make it.  I’ll try, though!  ^_~)

So… in the interests of not losing my mind tomorrow… I think I’m going to try to go to sleep.

Wow.  Just got home from the doctoral dinner.  O_O  I, some of my cohortmates, and our advisor literally closed out the bar.  I think that’s the first time I’ve ever done that.

We had fun though, so it’s all good.  ^_^  OMG, I’m tired, though.  -.-;;;  I hope you all had fun Friday nights, whatever it was you did!  *snugs*

I have been bemoaning the fact that my theatrical edition VHS tapes of the SW original trilogy are boxed up somewhere in the basement since SW:TFA first came out.


So I did.  *hums happily*  ^______^

I know someone else has already looked, but it’s legible to me! And it’s the book background on chrome 🙂

Thank you! The more people who think it’s legible, the happier I am, so it’s all good. ^_^ And I have no idea why Chrome is kicking up the old banner on mine, but sometimes browsers are weird that way, I guess. O_o;;; Thanks for checking for me! ^_^

OK.  I had given up going to sleep in favor of finishing watching Jack the Giant Slayer and… I picked up a crack/rarepair.  BECAUSE I REALLY NEEDED ONE OF THOSE FOR A MOVIE THAT’S ALREADY YULETIDE-LEVEL SMALL.  *headdesk*  DAMN it.  -.-;;;  And damn Elmont and the King for throwing all those Looks at each other during the final battle.  UGH, YOU TWO.  HONESTLY.  I DIDN’T ASK FOR THIS.  *sobs softly*

OK, guys.  I’m trying this new thing where (at least on Sunday and Tuesday nights), I turn off the electronics at least an hour before going to bed.  So, I will bid you all good night.  I hope the week treats you well!  *snugs*