OK.  I had given up going to sleep in favor of finishing watching Jack the Giant Slayer and… I picked up a crack/rarepair.  BECAUSE I REALLY NEEDED ONE OF THOSE FOR A MOVIE THAT’S ALREADY YULETIDE-LEVEL SMALL.  *headdesk*  DAMN it.  -.-;;;  And damn Elmont and the King for throwing all those Looks at each other during the final battle.  UGH, YOU TWO.  HONESTLY.  I DIDN’T ASK FOR THIS.  *sobs softly*

OK, guys.  I’m trying this new thing where (at least on Sunday and Tuesday nights), I turn off the electronics at least an hour before going to bed.  So, I will bid you all good night.  I hope the week treats you well!  *snugs*

All but 15 of my tests are graded and my brain has had enough.  But hey, that’s a little more than half.  So, tomorrow morning when my brain has reset, it should be relatively easy to get through those last 15.  Especially because a decent percentage of that half of the class had better grades to start, so they’ll take less time to do the partial credit.

OMG, I’m tired, though.  *headdesk*  OK.  I’m gonna go fill my queue for tomorrow because I think there are 2 posts in it?  😛  Then GO TO SLEEP.