OK, it’s 10:15, but I’ve proctored a 3 hour exam today (on my feet on hard-ish floors), and then sat through 2 hours of class, and there’s been weather (and thus a weather headache) brewing all day.  All of this is combining to make me VERY sleepy, much earlier than I normally am sleepy.

So… I think I’m going to toddle off to bed.

*snugs*  I hope you all have good sleeps!  ^_^


Well, I didn’t get as much accomplished today as I wanted to, but I did get a few things accomplished, so I guess that’s not nothing?

But it’s 10 PM and the one thing I promised myself was that I would NOT make tonight a late night.  So, I’m shutting down the computer and I’m going to read for a little bit, then go to bed.

*snugs*  ‘Night all!  Sleep well!  ^_^

OK. So, I didn’t get done most of the things I needed to get done this week.  Like… at all.  But it’s 10:15 and I have to be at work early tomorrow morning.  So.  I think I’m going to shut down the computer and read an actual book for a bit, then go to sleep.