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Oh wow 
I was just admiring all the different expressions and the body language and how much personality everyone had and counting who’s there and trying to figure out which one’s Marius and also I was wondering about the tables being colored in right through people and 

this is Empty Chairs at Empty Tables isn’t it

*wailing noises* 


What she says : I’m fine.
What she means : Is Feuilly alright? Has he slept enough last night? Did his boss and his co-workers treat him well today? Did Bahorel kiss him before he left? Did Enjolras tell him something nice? Did Joly check his health? Did Jehan or Ferre lend him a new book? Did Cosette bring him food at work? Could he find some time to read? HOW IS MY SON, I NEED TO KNOW!


it felt like it ended before it even began


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I may not live to see our glory, (I may not live to see our glory)
But I will gladly join the fight (But I will gladly join the fight)
And when our children tell our story, (And when our children tell our story)
They’ll tell the story of tonight


Obi-Wan, you could try saving the puns for more appropriate times