This soothes me.



A-ha! That was the plan. The police thinks we’re cats, but they were fooled! We actually have a dog with us. 






Hardest part of fic-reading: trying to figure out nice comments to say that don’t end up with me just repeatedly flailing at the keyboard going “I LIKED THIS I LOVED THIS WAAAAAAAH”

This is why I rarely leave comments :O I feel bad about it but I don’t know what to say that isn’t repetitive or just “aasdfsdg”

Same here.

I’m actually pretty bad at leaving substantive comments unless I’ve finished a series or read quite a bit of it.

And art? Ha, no, because I feel weird about leaving the same types of compliments

As an author, flailing around is totally fine and in fact encouraged because the mental image of someone getting excited because of my work will stick with me for days.

Just copypasting some bit that made you flail, with no added comment but a keysmash or emoji, is also delightful.