Why would you ever

This is just wrong…

Not okay. So not okay. I needed my heart, okay?!! ç.ç


I’m really interested in those beads in Maz’s box. They are placed in the same box with Anakin’s lightsaber. And the only beads Anakin ever had (at least that we know of) were those:

Yes, they don’t look the same, but then TCW had simplified and highly stylized graphics, so some artistic liberties might have been taken. Both have the same color scheme and varying shapes to it, after all.

And if those really are Ahoka’s beads, I really need a story about how Maz got them!



inspired by this awful post


Oh wow 
I was just admiring all the different expressions and the body language and how much personality everyone had and counting who’s there and trying to figure out which one’s Marius and also I was wondering about the tables being colored in right through people and 

this is Empty Chairs at Empty Tables isn’t it

*wailing noises*