Oh gosh.  Someone favorited a thing and started following it and me on ff.net and I went to look who it was and I’m like… I KNOW THAT NAME and it was exactly who I thought it was and the point is that I’m having massive squeaking nostalgia for my time in the Mighty Ducks fandom, right now.  And I want to write all the fic for my boys.  I miss them.  And everyone I knew in those days.



(Don’t mind me.  I have these massive fits of MD fandom nostalgia at least once a year.  *wistful sigh*  I’m good.  Really.  I’m good.  -.-;;;  Anyway, if any of you out there are long ago readers of my And the Fox… fic – hi?  And feel free to stop by while I’m feeling nostalgic?  ^_^)




Omfg motorola razrs are relaunching i’m saying goodbye to my iPhone immediately i can finally be the girl i dreamed of being in 2004

they played Great Escape like what kind of knowing exactly who they’re marketing to

this is the most early 2000′s thing i have ever seen in my fuckign life


Who’s up for some Pirates of Dark Water-fanart? 😀

…. No one?

With all this talk of the new Duck Tales-reboot going around, I got to thinking about what other childhood cartoons I’d like to see a reboot for – and really, Pirates of Dark Water is the only answer. Only I don’t want a reboot – I want a finished run. I want more than 21 episodes, ending in the middle of the main storyline, dangit!

(also +5 bonus points for having a 100% PoC cast of heroes, PoDW – good job!)



I can’t believe I actually lived though the full transition from VHS to DVD. Like there are people alive who have never seen a VHS tape….I remember when we were still tryna figure out how the fuck they got a full movie onto a cd. 





Soulmate au where when you write something on your skin with pen/marker/whatever the hell you want, it will show up on your soul mates skin as well. 

Imagine having a super artistic soulmate who draws flowers and designs and really beautiful patterns all over their arms and person 2 just sits there and watches the little lines appear on their arms and they can’t stop smiling and it’s their favorite part of the day

Imagine person 1 being super forgetful so they scribble down all the places their appointments are and person 2 tries to decipher them and figure out where they’re at and they meet and they see their writing on their hand from across the waiting room/ coffee shop/ etc. and they scramble to find a pen and write ‘found you’ on the back of their hand and person 1 sees it and they lock eyes and

Wow I like this au


imagine person 1 drawing a giant penis on their forehead because they’re an asshole




Fandom History.  Someone posted a while ago asking about how we rewatched stuff in the olden days.  And VHS was the answer.  I still have this box of VHS tapes in the corner of my spare room.  It’s every episode of Due South taped off of TNT’s afternoon reruns, that I kept as a collection.  Plus some random tapes that have The West Wing or Buffy or the X-files episodes on them that I would use to take the week’s episode and rewatch before I made my highly insightful points on message boards.

Also the Star Wars VHS are from the early 90s.  They might be from the first commercial release on VHS.  My grandmother got them for me for Christmas one year.  She was a difficult person but this one gift she actually really tried to get me something I would like.

Fun fact. In Australia before we had anything better than dialup, we would book out a lecture hall and screen three or four eps of Babylon 5 that a friend in the states taped into vhs for us and sent, in the mail. And we’d show the whole tape to a room of maybe 300 nerds. And you only ever found out by word of mouth that a tape had arrived, so we technically were running a geek speakeasy for B5

As my friend Anne put it, you ran a geekeasy.