Stuff I experienced coming out of the theater from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


– Three little girls having their hair done in the bathroom by their mothers because “they wanted to look like Rey.”

– Several children dressed as ewoks (yes they looked incredibly out of place)

– “Wait, what’s Finn’s last name then?” “Dameron.”

– Two Jedis dueling in the cinema’s snack section.

– A few young boys questioning an older woman on Star Wars Trivia and her nailing every question, leaving the boys incredibly impressed (and humbled).

– “Okay but what about Poe?” “Honey his signal was so strong he broke my gaydar.”

– Group of seven or eight people patting, hugging and kissing a BB-8 promo model.

– Teenage girl weeping.

– Same teenage girl patting a Poe Dameron poster and whispering “My smol, gay, space son.”

– Someone screaming “VIVA LA RESISTANCE” at the top of their lungs.

– “Kylo Ren was literally just a scene kid though.”

– A man and a woman seriously discussing the genetic difference and discrepancies between Leia/Han and Kylo.

– “That was a very ill designed light saber. What if he stabbed himself in the chest with the little side bits?”

And my personal favourite:

– “I swear, Kylo Ren was like, three years old.” “So,what, your age?”