Remember when Anakin cut his son’s hand off and then immediately asked him if they could be pals as if he hadn’t just cut his son’s hand off?

Anakin’s like, “I lost four limbs… I’m not sure why he’s so upset?”

“Son, back in my day you had to crawl uphill out of a volcano when you lost a limb, you kids have it so easy.”

“goddamn entitled space millennials. why are you crying, was that your selfie hand, wuss?”




he was on TATOOINE you fucking loser

Obi-Wan can find an invisible planet hidden by a devious Sith Lord, Anakin can’t find his ex-best friend on his own home planet while the guy is still using his own damn name.

I know we give Obi-wan a lot of shit for leaving Luke with his real surname but Anakin really is that stupid

I think about this a lot.


STAR WARS CHALLENGE ☆ a moment that breaks your heart ☆ last words to Anakin

Anakin: Gah, my grandson is such a whiny kid. That’s the fifth temper tantrum he’s thrown today! Must get it from Solo’s side of the family.
Qui Gon Jinn:
Mace Windu:
Anakin: What.