oh my friends, my friends forgive me
                    that I live and you are gone.


sarahbob23 said: Enjolras introduces Combeferre to the kitten he found on the streets and decided to take home. Adorable fluffiness ensues

valerieannethelitfan said: Er oops I put it in your inbox too, but Enjolras and Combeferre and kittens. Please.

it’s nearly 3am so i will head to bed uvu more to come tomorrow!


That’s the really disappointing thing about doing Star Wars. […] I was walking around with George [Lucas] when I got the part and he was showing me the art department. There were guys with chainsaws carving this huge submarine out of blocks of polystyrene, and as we walked around I said, “Will we go under water?” And he went, “What?” I said, “Will we go under? —the water, in it?” He went, “None of it is real.” And a little part of me died. [x]


Marius struggling with who to invite to his and Cosette’s wedding.


STAR WARS CHALLENGE ☆ a moment that breaks your heart ☆ last words to Anakin