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Oops I’m not done talking about Courferre librarian stuff sorry

Imagine Courf being ill one day and he can’t afford to miss work (or more he doesn’t want to force any of his coworkers to have to do more to make up for him etc) and the morning is okay because one of his colleagues is around too and they’re sharing the load

But in the afternoon he’s in his own and he knows he has to pull himself together
But then the really hot librarian from upstairs who has wonderful opinions and a wonderful way with words come to chat with him and ends up staying the entire afternoon to help him and he takes all the difficult customers without even seeming to do it on purpose and Courf just gets left with the simple jobs and the polite kids

And it’s only like the next day that he finds out that Combeferre hadn’t been reassigned down in children’s because it was busier, he’d actually been supposed to have the afternoon off but he ?? Stayed to look after Courf????

Cue some very very obvious flirting and some amused glances from customers until Courf finally asks Combeferre out on a date