♔ for Jehan and Enjolras!


♔ : finding the other wearing their clothes

I’m… fairly certain this isn’t what I was meant to write but hey…


’Jehan… you
need to change.’

looked down at himself, blushing furiously.

‘I thought
I would try something new with my appearance. You said yourself this is an important
meeting, I might as well try and look respectable.’

In this
case ‘respectable’ apparently meant the almost exact replica of Enjolras’ habitual
clothing – simple black coat, light green vest, white shirt and simple white
cravat, tied in the manner that required the least possible time and effort
while still looking presentable. Even his long hair was pulled back into the
definitely un-fashionable ponytail Enjolras preferred.

‘That is
all very well’ said Enjolras, pinching the bridge of his nose ‘But as I
explained it also holds a certain risk. I suspect there might be a mole in the
group we’re about to meet.’

‘I know.
You said so.’

‘Those who
know us well can of course tell us apart, but to a stranger we now look nigh
identical, but for our height.’

‘I know.’

looked up abruptly, with sudden understanding. Prouvaire was smiling his small,
serene smile at him. Enjolras shook his head, expression suddenly soft, and
gently cupped the little poet’s shoulders.

appreciate the thought, my friend, I truly do but I cannot support it.’

looked back up at him, fingers wrapping around Enjolras’ forearms.

‘The group
needs you now more than ever. Things are coming to a head, I can feel it. You
can too, I know it. You can’t afford to be taken in now. This little bit of
confusion might give you some time to escape if things go awry.’


‘No, please
listen’ Jehan pleaded ‘I’m not the leader the police wants – I’m but a poet who
accidentally wound up with the wrong company and who made some unfortunate
fashion choices. That is all. You need to think of the group above all,

‘Oh Jehan… ‘Enjolras
sighed, squeezing the poet’s shoulders ‘Very well then. If you are certain
about this. But do be careful, you understand?’

ducked his head, smiling.

‘Of course.
Oh, but Enjolras? If you wish to repay me you can always post bail if I do get
captured somehow…’