Joly Has a Cold

Marius: Barius Pontbercy
Grantaire: Grandaire
Joly: Doey [doughy]
Bossuet: Bo-way
Enjolras: Ahn-o-ras
Combeferre: Gomberre
Courfeyrac: Gourbeyrag
Bahorel: Ba’rel
Jean Prouvaire: Jean Proubaire
Feuilly: only person whose name Joly can pronounce, the lucky duck.


Someone should think about Joly having to deal with his two best friends being the worst at serious emotional talk; one will make everything a joke and the other will rant endlessly and never manage to properly say what he thinks after two hours.

Someone should also think about Bossuet and Grantaire staring at Joly and loving him a little bit more every time he’s being a sensible human being capable of telling them how much he likes them (also, how damn frustrating they can be)

Just saying.