Who’s up for some Pirates of Dark Water-fanart? 😀

…. No one?

With all this talk of the new Duck Tales-reboot going around, I got to thinking about what other childhood cartoons I’d like to see a reboot for – and really, Pirates of Dark Water is the only answer. Only I don’t want a reboot – I want a finished run. I want more than 21 episodes, ending in the middle of the main storyline, dangit!

(also +5 bonus points for having a 100% PoC cast of heroes, PoDW – good job!)



“Last night during the show our Fantine Montego’s wig came off, and she was offstage trying to get it back on so she missed her cues to come back onstage and sing. So we’re all just sitting in the factory scene, and Les Mis doesn’t stop orchestra wise so the music just kept going and one of our ensemble members just started yelling out her lines, but he couldn’t remember all of them so he motioned to us and we all just started yelling Fantine’s song. And none of our mikes were on because it’s not programmed, and the sound guy didn’t know what to do, so we were all just screaming. There was also an incident one time on tour. All of the factory tables are on tracks, and in the middle of the factory scene something went wrong and all the tables which weren’t supposed to move, just flew off stage as fast as they could. So all the women were just on benches polishing jet stone like they’re supposed to when the tables disappeared, and they all just froze. All the guys turned upstage to look and our Fantine was just standing there in shock, and she couldn’t leave the stage because she has to sing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ so she had to restrain herself from cracking up on stage. And normally we flip the benches on the table so they can slide offstage, so we had to literally carry the benches off with us. It was a mess. It was really funny but it was a mess. Stuff like that happens at Broadway shows every once in a while.”-@mattrosell Ensemble and u/s for Marius in @lesmizbway
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Why I Believe Rey is a Solo.







The reason I am mainly seeing to why people don’t believe she is a Solo is because they don’t understand why Han and Leia didn’t recognize Rey when they met her, so at the moment that’s the only point I’m directing.

My reply to this is always, they did.

They did recognize her.

This is the point where people go “No they didn’t??? And if they did, why didn’t they say something or act like it???”

But they did. You can see it in the way Han is amazed by how much she knows about the Millennium Falcon, or how he and Leia look at her when she isn’t paying attention. They look at her with unsure glances. How you would look at a high school friend that you hadn’t seen 10 years.

Or, how you would look at someone who you thought died years ago.

Yes, the reason they don’t recognize Rey or bring it up at all, is because they think she is dead.

Think about it, Han and Leia have two kids, and as we can see, they both have the force. It would only be logical for them to send both of them off to train with Luke, especially if the reason why they’re sending Ben off to train with Luke is because they’re scared that he has Vader in him. If Ben does, what if Rey does too? Might as well send her off as well just to be sure.

This theory also explains why Luke went into hiding.

Yes, sure. You could say that he went into hiding because he failed at training Ben. But. Get this.

Imagine, you’re Luke. Your sister sends to you her son, and her younger daughter. Most likely explaining that they were worried for Ben. So he trains them and the new ‘batch’ of Jedi, up until the point of the massacre.

Now, I believe that Kylo is just as strong and skilled as a lot of people do, but to kill all the training Jedi knights and younglings, is a bit of a stretch to me.

We’ve already been informed of this ‘Knights of Ren’ thing, but not what it is.

My theory is that he did the logical thing, and got a bunch of the Jedi to join him. Rightfully naming them, the Knights of Ren. Even if that is wrong, and they were just a bunch of people under Snoke, my theory still stands.

Anyways. Ben (now known as Kylo) kills all the Jedi. All but one. Rey. Because of course, how could he kill his sister? It’s even seen in her vision. She is lying there (as old her, but we can assume that it was really young her in the flashback) and one of the Knights of Ren, swings to kill her. When he is stabbed and she is saved, by a red lightsaber. Kylo’s lightsaber. Kylo.

He can’t kill her. She is his little sister. At this point, he isn’t strong enough in his hate or ‘darkness’. With roughly 10 years of training to be ‘evil’, he still killed his father with regret, how the heck could he kill his own little sister?

So he doesn’t. He convinces the other KoR either not to tell, or that he will kill her, and he goes off and secretly sets her on Jakku. He erases her memory and possibly gives her fake memories of her ‘parents’ leaving her on Jakku. That way he is assured that 1) She will ever be harmed. and 2) She will never be a problem.

No one knows of this but him. Luke, Leia, Han, even Snoke, all think that she is dead. And that is what pushes Luke over the edge.

Because of him, his sister lost two of the most, if not the most, important people in her life. Because he could not help Ben, his sisters kids are both gone. It makes more sense to me that he would run away because he is ashamed that he let this happen. That Leia will never be okay again. It is shame that drives him to be a hermit, not pain. We’ve seen Luke look straight into the eyes of pain. It’s not always an easy fight, but it would be easier than fighting off shame.

So when Han and Leia see Rey, it only makes sense why Han is so quick to take her under his wing. He see’s her, and he see’s the daughter he could of had if he hadn’t lost her. It explains why he looks at her with that “I know you. I swear, you are just like my daughter… But my daughter is dead.”

Not only that, but why they never bring her up. If your own daughter was murdered at the hand of your son, would you ever want to remember that? It also explains why they only talk about Ben oh so much (then again, killing a bunch of jedi usually does that)

It explains why Kylo screams “what girl?” when he hears that BB-8 escaped with a girl from Jakku, and why he is softer around her.

Another thing that came to mind when I was thinking of this, is what other people have been saying about how the lightsaber called to her. And it made me think of what Kylo says when they are about to fight. What starts the battle between Kylo and Finn.

He sees the lightsaber, and he screams “that lightsaber belongs to me”. After thinking about it, I realized something. That lightsaber is Anakin’s. Not Darth Vader. Anakin’s.

As J.J. Abrams says.

Kylo Ren idolizes Darth Vader, not Anakin Skywalker. He idolizes what Vader represents and what Vader was trying to do.

If he idolizes Darth Vader, and not Anakin, why the heck would he care so much for Anakin’s lightsaber?

Yes, you could say that it was because Darth Vader’s was destroyed or missing or whatever generally happened to it, so Anakin’s was the next best thing. But that just doesn’t make sense to me.

What does make sense, is that when they were training, Rey was given Luke’s (Anakin) lightsaber, because Luke decided that it was fit for her.

Now if you look at it through Ben’s point of view, he already feels angry and unloved from his parents, but now he isn’t even given the family lightsaber? He was the first born, shouldn’t that be his?

That theory also explains why when Rey touches it, she get’s her vision of that fateful night. (And why Kylo decided to make his own lightsaber.)

So when he is screaming “that lightsaber belongs to me!” he means it because he actually believes that it should be his.

In conclusion, I’m pretty dead set on Rey being a Solo.

YO SAMMMMMEEEE @buckyonthelam

I don’t agree 100%, but this is a DAMN good theory. Nicely done.

Not sure I buy it.

Because Anakin’s saber was lost. How did Luke get it back to give to Rey? It makes much more sense that it was retrieved by somebody else…

Other than that it does solidly explain how she could be a Solo.

So, this got me thinking.  I feel like trying to keep track of the number of lightsabers that Anakin loses is one of the things that keeps Obi-Wan up nights when Anakin is his Padawan.  *snerts*  Especially given how many kyber crystals he must waste that way.  😛  So, tracking it down may be equally futile, but… in that last battle on Mustafar, Obi-Wan picks up Anakin’s lightsaber and takes it with him after defeating Anakin.  That’s the one he gives to Luke in A New Hope.  Luke lost that lightsaber (and a hand along with it -.-;;;) in Cloud City after the duel with Darth Vader in ESB.  Luke then constructs his own lightsaber between ESB and RotJ.  
Presumably that one is the lightsaber that Luke carries to this day.

From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki:

The lightsaber fell into the bowels of the city, where it was recovered and found its way into the hands of the pirate Maz Kanata.

I don’t remember if they actually state that explicitly in TFA since I’ve only seen it twice, but that seems to be the explanation they’re going with.  And if that’s true… then you’re right.  Luke wouldn’t have had that lightsaber to give to Rey to train with.  Unless Maz lent it out and then took it back. 

…now I’m having visions of Maz running a lightsaber library.  Can you imagine the late fees?

And I bet half her stock are lightsabers that Anakin lost.  ;D

HAHAH YES! I love that. I accept that headcanon wholeheartedly full on yes please.